What Is Pinterest?All About Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top five social networks in the world, launched in March 2010, and was created by Ben Silberman, Paul Ceara and Ivan Sharp.

The site is managed by Cold Brew Labs. Many people are concerned that Pinterest has a promising future in the field of education, with its unique interface and distinctive way of organizing and sharing content, which is becoming more and more exciting for users day after day.

Register in 3 way.

  1. – By traditional registration by e-mail.
  2. – On your Twitter account.
  3. – via your Facebook account.

what is Pinterest for?

  • Planning for events (weddings, dinners, etc.)
  • Reading Lists
  • Recipes
  • Home furnishing and decoration
  • Inspiration
  • Study Planning
  • Ideas for gifts
  • Health and Fitness
  • Vacation Ideas
  • Discover interesting places

The idea of Pinterest is that each user can create classified panels of their choice, and then suspend or install images or videos that can be linked to a particular site or article in a private blog. It can also re-suspend a previous publication or engage in another user’s board until the new one arrives. Users can also follow other users to see what they are commenting on their boards and to like or share useful publications through theirs.

list of hobby ideas

Pinterest terms:
– Pin: Add or share a post (image or video).

– Board: Place the publication.

– Follow: Follow up on the board or the board to receive the latest publications associated with them.

The question that each of us can ask is: What does Pinterest have for the rest of the social networks?

The ability to classify content that focuses on the visual aspect by areas of interest, as well as tables or paintings that facilitate the rearrangement of images, videos or articles so that the user can find what he is looking for in an easy way with reference to the high quality and diversity of content.

How can Pinterest be used in education?

Considering the importance of social networks today in the field of training and education, and as we have seen with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we will suggest some ideas that will undoubtedly help you to hire BinTrust in education:

  • – Pinterest includes a large number of educational resources are very useful from educational posters ready to print and pictures and Infographics and others, classified in a way that teachers and students can take advantage of them easily.
  • – Many beautiful ideas about classroom management and decorating will be found in other user accounts shared with everyone through high-quality photos and clips.
  • – Kindergarten teachers can use Pinterest to develop their professional performance thanks to the experience of those who have experience in this field and who share their creations and advice through their personal accounts.
  • – Through Pinterest, you can access many very useful educational blogs.
  • – A good way to apply project-based learning where students can interact and collaborate in the stages of completing a specific project of separation, guided by the teacher. Pinterest can organize the stages or components of a project by categorizing, documenting and documenting it.
  • – The lesson can be planned using Pinterest by assembling the appropriate content for the lesson. From selecting images, video clips and other visual instructional materials, and ending with organizing clear charts using the panels and naming them.
  • – Many users interested in education and training are advised to read some important books that can be consulted when the research or self-development or just for fun.
  • – Pinterest can be used as a brainstorming tool with students to group ideas and organize them through images and others.
  • – Pinterest is a good tool to display, comment on, interact with and interact with students, and share them with other students from around the world.

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