How to use Twitter to Make Money on Amazon

If you want to use Twitter’s Lead Capture feature And make money on Amazon, you’ll need to apply proven advanced tactics. Here are tips and strategies that Twitter developers use daily to maximize their efforts across the world’s largest social networks.

1 – Focus Lead Generation Tweets different

If you do not tweet, you can create compelling text, one or two hashtags, an image, and you’re ready to go. If you want to use tweets to build leads, you’ll have to choose a different approach if you want to make your efforts successful.

Lead gene tweets deliver the best results when they are simple and straightforward. Make them as short as possible and do not worry about using all of your assigned characters. The attention of internet users is short and gets shorter.

If your message is direct and a clear call-to-action (CTA) link to your email subscription page, you’ll get better performance than a long update is ambiguous and unclear.

Use the Link Reduction site to make your linking process as short as possible. If the click link is embarrassing and inconvenient, the clickthrough rate can be reduced.

Do not mention several mentions or links. Just 1 CTA, clear guidelines on what to do, an attractive picture and a short message combine to form a top-level generation of executive tweets.

2 – Try out the Twitter cards

Twitter has a custom lead generation function. Twitter lead generation cards work very well because they allow you to add people to your mailing list or to a group of potential customers without having to leave Twitter. People on social networking sites are here to go out and socialize.

They do not always like the idea of being removed from their favorite social networking site.

Twitter cards, among other great features, are able to generate leads without your potential customers being driven by a sales funnel. As said by Twitter:

 “With Twitter maps, you can add tweets to rich images, videos, and multimedia experiences that drive traffic to your site – add just a few lines of HTML to your web page, and users linked to Twitter are your content. A “card” has been added to the tweet, which is visible to all subscribers. “

This means that a Twitter user, whether you are a follower or not, can be attached to your e-mail newsletter, buy a product or service, download an app, or take other actions without moving your Twitter feed. It makes them comfortable, not as if they were sold or manipulated.

The less action you take to take action, the greater your chances of achieving the desired conversion. There are 8 different Twitter maps and each one has different lead gene properties. Buffer has created a Twitter card that you can use to get started.

3 – The Twitter search box can be used to generate content ideas

Twitter moves a mile a minute, especially if you have a large number of followers. The average tweet stays on screen for about 30 seconds, and if your followers are active, it can not last long. This means that it’s important to associate your tweets with the topics and issues that affect interaction at this point.

With the search function of Twitter, you can find out which topics are currently very hot. All you need to do is find a clever way to associate your call with action, tweet a theme, or link generator opportunities to issues that have a lot of action. Follow these steps to get new ideas about the content of the tweet, while improving the CTR and success of generating leads from the most popular topics.

Go to Twitter Search

At the end of the trail, you will see several hashtags, words, and phrases in a section called “Trends for you”.
These are the hot topics that illuminate the Twitterverse. Find one that pertains to your industry or niche, or one of the red topics may somehow refer to your message.

You can also search for an industry keyword, hashtag or phrase you’re looking for and see what people are saying about it at the time. You have to be careful here. Blindly taking your tweet to an irrelevant question, even though it’s very popular right now, can do more than just good.

4 – Use the advanced search on Twitter
You’ve just learned an advanced tactic to use Twitter’s basic search feature to generate leads. Now you’re on the stage of your game using a tactical veteran who uses the power of Twitter search even more.

This is an excellent orientation feature that lets you see all those who are currently on Twitter and agree with a range of selection data you enter. A London-based company could immediately go to other Twitter users in London and search for specific people who made statements or asked specific questions.

Go to search-advanced

Enter your search term You can, for example, search for people who searched for “I need an Camera or Card in London”. Then you can add intervals to update and filter your important data and data based on specific Twitter accounts.

You can also limit your results to negative or positive entries, retweets, questions, and other information. Use this feature to search for tweets that contain your username or the username of industry leaders in their area.

5 – Plan and automate your tweets

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot to do. If you are an operation of a man or a woman, so many internet entrepreneurs and table owners of coffee companies, it can be harder than most to create the time for their main tasks Twitter.

Unlike other social networks, Twitter requires content to be viewed constantly as your marketing efforts pay off. You will find that 5 to 10 tweets a day, spread over a period of 8 to 12 hours, provide the greatest return on your head investment.

Beginners on Twitter often find this daunting.

One way to ensure consistent and consistent content is to publish it on your smartphone. It only takes a few seconds to retweet the contents of others, mentions a specific user, or create and publish a new tweet. But even if you are fast enough to tweet and interact with others on Twitter, your time investment can add up.

For this reason, consider using the following Twitter automation tools to plan your tweets and lead generation for you.

They allow you to schedule new updates and republish your favorite content for upcoming dates and times. This means that once a week you can spend about an hour distributing and distributing Twitter content.

The following suites and software applications manage the process for you on the autopilot.


This marketing calendar does more than just schedule updates on Twitter and other social networks. The editorial calendar gives you the ability to schedule your social updates for immediate delivery or to schedule for later. In addition, at times of proven maximum interaction, you can load large amounts of updates and tweets before you publish them on a regular basis.


This is one of the most popular social networking applications. You can manage your Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts from one spreadsheet. With this app, it’s easy to plan the delivery of your updates for later, including videos and pictures.

Social Oomph:

In short, it’s an effective tool for social networking. It works with Twitter and other popular social networks so you can control and track endorsements, retweets, keywords, hashtags and other data. It has a built-in link-shortener so you have more room in your tweet for your message than a link.


You can see exactly what this application does. Instead of just planning and programming your content for you, as the name implies, you can also use this app to find out which keywords and tags are the most interesting. One of the many cool features is that PostPlanner has the best time to post and share great content and automatically retweet it.


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