turn your body into an oven to burn fat

How do you turn your body into an oven to burn fat?

 turn your body into an oven to burn fat

Does your body fat increase easily with any increase in food intake? While you see a friend you lean eat what he likes daily and not more than one gram fat. Have you started a new diet for a month or more and your body started to hug you in fat burning?

In this article I will teach you a very important technique to increase metabolic rates (calories and fat burning rates) more than the most powerful weight loss medication (without exaggeration). The technique is to increase the daily non-athletic activity or so-called NEAT Non Exercise Activity Thermogensis where you can burn from 300 to 600 increase daily!


Before you start writing about technics to increase fat burning without exercise, you should know that increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolism. Muscle muscles are active and consume a lot of calories daily even in times of sleep and rest. And the commitment Burjim without iron exercises lead to eat muscle mass over time, leading to the collapse of metabolic rates of food and stop the body from burning fat and sagging the body. But this is not our subject today. To read more about the importance of iron exercises for slimming:


First, how does your body burn fat?

To burn fat, your body should enter fewer calories than your daily energy needs. So your body compensates for this difference in energy by consuming body fat stores (or muscles). I have explained this in detail in this article:


Factors that affect your daily calorie needs.


Daily energy requirements or TDEE depend on the following factors:


1 – The metabolic rate of food or BMR is 60% of your daily calorie needs. BMR is the energy your body consumes for vital body functions such as breathing, digestion, outing, circulation, brain functions, etc.


2 – The energy required to digest food and its representation and storage form 10% and called TEF or Thermic Effect of Food.


3 – The remaining 30% is the energy needed for daily activity, and activity is divided into two types:


Sports activity or FEAT Formal Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is the sport you do, such as iron and aerobic exercises

Non-sports activity (NEAT Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is a non-sports activity such as walking, walking, cleaning the house, shopping, and even talking.

Phone … etc

BMR is a difficult process to control and is done by increasing the muscles of the body or drugs. The energy consumed to digest food TEF increases the amount of fiber and protein make a slight increase and ineffective. We have control over the amount of daily activity

Increase Sports Activity FEAT:

There is no doubt that Aerobics is a powerful tool for burning calories. But there is a maximum after which the muscles of the body are burned and affect the healing of your muscles from iron exercises. Adherence to a large amount of aerobics a day is a difficult process (physically and psychologically). And one of the most important keys to the success of slimming career is to walk on a program that you tolerate and does not conflict with your circumstances and your physical and psychological health.


Increase Non-Sports Activity NEAT:


This is our subject today. In a study from the American Academy of Sports (ACE), people who move a lot daily are proven to be more able to burn fat and reach ideal weight than people who sit all day and exercise hard in the gym! This means that there is a possibility of burning more calories outside the gym (at home and at work).


Another very important study has shown that thin people are more active and “restless” than overweight. They move their legs and hands frequently during sitting and talking, etc. 150 minutes a day more than overweight. Their movements were estimated at 350 per day.


In an important article in The New York Times, several studies have been published on the serious risk of sitting all day on health. A long time at work or home reduces the sensitivity of insulin and increases the secretion of hormones that prevent fat burning and increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes and significant damage to the neck and spine. And the bad news is that your exercise in Gym no matter how long it lasts will not protect you from these risks.


If the best solution to keep your health and fat burning very effectively is to increase non-athletic activity.


What are the ways to increase non-athlete activity NEAT:

1 – park your car away from your workplace or the gym at maximum distance.


2 – If you use public transport drop two stations before your station


3 – When you sit down to work burn your foot and your hand a lot


4 – Each sitting hour go to walk 15 minutes


5 – more than the movement at home, in terms of cleaning dishes, ground and cooking .. Etc


6 – Start playing with your kids more


7 – Go to buy your needs from the market instead of ordering home delivery.


8 – Walk when reading or talking on the phone instead of sitting.


9 – You can perform lengthening operations daily


10 – Put on your clothes and spread the laundry yourself


Of course, do not push yourself because the goal is to make changes that you can continue throughout the life and not just the diet period. Stress on yourself causes stress, frustration and a desire to break out of your system.

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