The Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing:7 Effective Twitter Marketing

Effective Twitter Marketing: Many of those who talked about Twitter marketing have agreed that Twitter marketing is one of the best ways to market on the Internet, and today we will talk about Twitter marketing but by putting forward a viewpoint that will be different from all previous views of people who have spoken.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing?

Twitter for those who do not know it is one of the most important and best social networking sites on the scene at present. The reason Twitter differs from other social networking sites is that it is simple.

that required of any person who wants to deal with Twitter is to write a sentence of one hundred and forty characters to change and press the Twitter button.

The better sentence goes the more it goes from one person to another and from one account to another. During re-twittering.

Twitter Marketing

This feature known as viral marketing and the reason for this label is that the message travels at a terrible speed at a very high time to large numbers of people like a virus that moves from one person to another and from one device to another.

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We may find some people who doubt the usefulness of Twitter marketing, although these views are not supported by any data or statistics, so we will not pay attention to these views, and we try hard to show the truth and indicate the feasibility of marketing through Twitter.

If we look closely at the accounts with the most followers, we find them based on their transfer to exciting events, facts, external links or news, while the majority of the other accounts, which have a small number of followers, are based primarily on the exchange of conversations and discussions, We should focus on them here and keep them in mind:

7 Effective Twitter Marketing.

  • Engaging in conversations on Twitter.
  • tweets that contain this @ tag.
  • tweet between 20 to 25.
  • Talk about happiness do not be negative.
  • Add a link to your site.
  • Good content is the master.
  • make your experience talking about you.

7 Effective Twitter Marketing

1. Engaging in conversations on Twitter makes the account famous and has a very large number of followers. Accounts that convey exciting events, facts or tweets that contain external links are the accounts most likely to get followers.

2. Another very important point confirmed by a study, that the tweets that contain this @ tag are the fast-spreading tweets, which are easy for everyone to move because they reach them quickly, unlike the tweets that do not contain this tag.

3. a marketer who wants to make the most of Twitter. There is an ideal number of Twitter in the day. Many people think if they tweet a lot they will get a lot of followers , but what the research has confirmed is that this belief is very wrong, but the result confirmed by the studies conducted on Twitter via Twitter to get followers of a large preparation is that the optimal daily Twitter is between 20 to 25 Twitter Especially if these tweets were dead Specialize in one field and high quality.

The Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing:7 Effective Twitter Marketing

4. Recent studies on Twitter have confirmed that those who publish frustrating things or convey a negative feeling often decline in the number of followers. Twitter is not intended to convey bad news to those who follow the negative feeling.

This is what people want on Twitter. It would be better for them to watch TV or read daily newspapers and other things. But the real purpose that people seek on social networking sites in general and Twitter, in particular, is other than communication is the search for happiness and access to Positive feeling.

5. Add a link to your site or page and these are the most important things that through this step the person linked his Twitter account on his site or page and directs followers and anyone who wants to follow him to his site to identify his field first to decide whether to follow him or not.

6. Do not call yourself that you are an expert in the field of such or other things: when you write the 160 characters about yourself do not ever launch yourself that you are an expert in a particular area, but make your experience talking about you and not the other way around, often not being committed to this point has negative effects, Expected .

7. Good content is the master of the situation and is the basis on which people are attracted to you to follow you, to focus your primary and primary interest on providing useful content to encourage more people to follow you.

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