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There are some things you should do to become successful in your online will learn today ten commandments If you want to succeed at building your online business .it is important for you to become successful in your online business. (Do these methods work?) Yes. If this question is in your mind. The answer is (yes) .. works well.
Let’s start!

1. You are not looking for a free meal
There are no possibilities for you to get rich quick.

be realistic .. Do not waste your time convincing yourself or listening to others who tell you something different. Hard work and perseverance will never let you down.

2. Your service or product should solve a problem
We – humans – are greedy creatures most often .. We want comfort, ease, peace of mind, and a large amount of tolerance and pampering of others to us.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes, and ask “What’s inside me?” If your ads or products do not make this clear and tell the customer how you’ll give them what you want, you will not make any sales most of the time you try.

3. You must educate yourself

Watch other successful people in your field. What do they do? Read more.

4. You must set a budget for advertising
The free ad is at odds with itself. Only people who read the free ad are the ones who put it there, looking only for their ads, not your ads. Instead learn all you can learn about your target audience, search for them until you find them. Whether it’s through pay-per-click ads using highly targeted keywords, e-magazine ads, banners on related sites, etc.

Do not go to what the general public wants, put all your efforts into what the audience wants, looking for the quality of the products/services you offer. Set a fixed monthly cost for your ad – whatever the means – and stick to it.

5. Track the path of your ads
You made a sale! Wonderful .. Congratulations! How did the customer find you?

If you have ads in 10 different locations, how do you know which of these sites on the ground is working well in bringing customers to you? Open your weblogs to learn where your visitors came from. Create tracking links for your tracking feature, and use a different URL with each ad placement. For example:

Just place the ad number at the end of the URL of your website, which you place with each ad on a site. Change the number with each ad you place on a different site. Change the number for each one. For your benefit, write them somewhere! A site like provides you with fantastic free services, you will be helped in following up visitors who come to your site from different places.

6. You should try and test
Make yourself more familiar with the split-run method where you send a pair of ads together to a site to measure the results, to monitor and preview, which means that the ads bring more visitors and sales. Then take the best ads and create a similar ad.

Then test this again with your best ads, your new ad, and the winner climbs to the next round with a new ad. Repeat this process a lot.

7. Reward your mailing list
Your current and former customers are a huge source of income for you. It’s a shame to find so many employers on the Internet ignoring this every day. Stay in touch with your customers by sending emails, a printed flyer or a newsletter every now and then. Offer special discounts and gifts/bonus to keep their loyalty.

8. Do not make failure hinder you from success
Will fail .. this is inevitable .. for a certain stage. This is part of the education you are supposed to receive .. Learn from your failure and come back to go ahead always. Whatever happens.

9. You should repeat what you have tried and found it works well
The sixth commandment goes hand in hand beside this commandment. The wonderful thing about working online is that it is easy, and you can follow the process of work.

If you find something that works well, do it again, and another. Help yourself reach a larger audience. If you find success in a segment as a commission marketer in small sites, launch 25 sites with the same technology.

10. You should reward yourself
You need to spend time away from the computer .. Go outside the shop .. Go shopping .. Visit a friend .. Buy yourself a new game .. Read something that has nothing to do with your work, science fiction Perhaps. You must treat yourself right and respect them.

Make this a habit, otherwise, it will turn into a tragedy.When you actually follow these commandments, you will surely become a successful person.

Online Business Ideas You Can Start.

  • Remote technical support.
  • Instagram consulting
  • App development
  • Handmade craft seller
  • Business Coaching.
  • Specialized retailer.
  • Social media consultant.
  • Web design.
  • Assistant/task manager.
  • Affiliate marketing


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