How do I stop hair fall and regrow it naturally?

Stop hair fall and regrow it naturally  Tired of your hair, crushed, fragile and damaged and because of it psychology is going through a bad situation. There is no need to compromise and lose hope. The “My Recipes” website always offers you the right solution at the lowest cost in a faster period.

Through the treatments you do on your own, from now called complex ingredients, consumer products shared by all women are expensive and ineffective.

hair fall

Read this article and you will definitely know what you should do to save your damaged and damaged hair from the ordeal. Through the advice of the world’s leading experts to get healthy and bright hair again.

How to treat broken and damaged hair?

Dry and damaged hair: First you have to identify the types of damage and stop causes According to Dr. Michael Victor, chemically damaged hair does not require exactly the same care of damaged hair mechanically. So we must first diagnose the problem.

In your knowledge, the chemical damage is caused by the use of products aimed at improving hair, as well as by the repeated effect of hair dye. “These chemicals decompose hair proteins, and contribute to the weakening and bombardment,” says hairdressers.

While many factors can cause mechanical damage, their effect is generally the same, in that they deprive the hair of its moisture and natural elasticity.

Hair dryers are the primary culprit in hair damage through the repeated use of balls, excessive exposure to your hair to the sun, and adds hairdressing. Most women prefer hair dryers and irons with temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius or more, but not suitable for thinness, hair fragility that does not Their unit is charged

The best treatments for dry and damaged hair

1) Determine the problem of hair damage and bombardment:
Always try to use ammonia-free products, which are the first enemy of hair. Even if you want to change your hair color, it is recommended to use colored materials made with natural materials such as henna.

for example, they are useful for hair, contribute to its smoothness and flow smoothly, graceful, and sparkling without shelling or Damage to your hair caused by the materials used in the past will gradually fade after a period of abandonment without leaving any negative impact on your scalp.

In contrast, you can choose shampoo and conditioner designed to solve the problem of hair damaged chemically and broken limbs, to promote this patient hair and return to normal will need both protein and keratin, as seen by Dr. “Michael Victor” It is also good to try to use shampoo and conditioner, which contain the peptides and amino acids that float on the surface of damaged hair and contribute to rebuilding it again.

Dry or fragile hair caused by mechanical stress requires water rather than protein. Choose the shampoo and conditioner that is recognized by the World Health Organization for its richness of ceramide, hair nutrients, and antioxidants.

If you believe that damage is the result of both chemical and mechanical causes, use alternating products designed for both types of problems.

Treatment of damaged and brittle hair Lifestyle:
You will also need to apply a hair treatment once or twice a week. For best results, wrap your head in a plastic bag, heat it with a hairdryer and leave with the product used for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing.

To prevent the appearance of damaged hair, you should also change your weekly and perhaps daily habits to finally get a natural feel for your hair. Consult your hair stylist about machines that will help you dry your dry hair.

They should not be made of hot iron, which is very hot when used and can cause damage and damage to your hair. You should first use the cold hair dryer every six weeks until all the damaged parts are removed in the hair.

For wet hair, use only coarse tooth comb. If you sometimes need to use a hairdryer, you must first remove the lingering water in your hair after bathing by drying your hair thoroughly by hand with a towel.

“The use of a hot dryer on wet hair means boiling because it is the water that is heated first and before the hair is also preferred to use a cotton towel, which absorbs water better than towels made with cloth because the cotton towels work faster,” says Dr. Michael Victor. And will help you reduce the drying time.

What equipment suit your hair?
It is very important that you use the equipment that suits the feel and strength of your hair. For example, if your hair is thin, it is best to use hot metal rollers rather than iron clamps, preferably using a hair dryer sold in pharmacies specially designed for women with hair loss.

“The more hair you have, the more you can tolerate high temperatures, as long as you’re healthy,” says Michael Victor. Whatever your type, capacity, and resistance avoid at all times bringing the device closer to your scalp.

When you put the nozzle of the price directly on your hair, the heat is concentrated and your scalp is caught before the flow of your hair, but the dryer is strong enough to melt the brush. So you have to take care of it and do not trust its effect, as you move it a little farther from your head to leave room for airflow. Thus the method of hair drying has been done correctly and healthy.

Six weeks after starting treatment, you may need to make another change. “If your hair looks heavier or you do not notice any improvement, it’s time for a new hair story,” says Michael Victor

Home remedies for dry and damaged hair:

Home remedies for dry and damaged hair:

eggs :
Preparation of egg shampoo with egg yolk is enough for one large spoon of egg yolk. With one tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice. Put the mixture in your hair by massage the scalp. Leave it for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with hot water and shampoo as usual.

Soften the damaged and brittle hair with the egg mask
The egg mask is known for its ability to make the hair soft and rid it of the problem of heavy shelling.

This mask is simple and very easy to set up. It is enough to get it through three components that are all in the kitchen permanently. You can mix your own egg mask without having to buy it from the pharmacy, supermarket or herbal stores!

How to prepare egg recipe: Put egg yolks on the side in the kitchen, also be found fresh bananas or ripe avocados and a cup of vegetable oil (preferably olive oil or castor oil or rosemary oil, almond oil and avocados are also useful).

After you bring the mixture and distribute it to the hair and massage – the mask should cover the entire hair – you should let it rest for a period of 15 minutes.

A homemade solution for damaged hair: rosemary oil
For a regenerated shampoo, just mix 25 g of iris root powder, 75 g of wonderful rosemary oil, 10 drops of essential lemon oil and 10 drops of rosemary oil. Mix the mixture into a tray and seal it tightly.

Olive oil to save damaged hair
This recipe helps to treat damaged scalp hair before shampoo. Just rub it with a little olive oil that will give effect in about 30 minutes. Rinse it with warm water before washing your hair. To prepare this recipe, mix two tablespoons of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of avocado oil. Then massage the scalp to distribute well in different parts and then rinse well.

Home treatment for dry and dry hair: Milk
You can transform your hair into soft, silky hair by rubbing it with a piece of cotton cloth immersed in whole milk. Wash it well after 15 minutes.

Repair damaged hair with aloe vera mask
To repair the damaged hair, the first and most important step is to moisturize and nourish it through vegetable oils. But these oils are generally difficult to rinse, unlike aloe vera oil, which will facilitate absorption and at the same time earns hair confidence and shine at all times. As to how to prepare the recipe:

Combine 1 to 3 supplements of aloe vera gel. Depending on the length and density of the hair, you can add rosemary oil or olive oil to this recipe. This is positive for it, and in turn, helps to strengthen the hair from the roots to the sides.

Put the mask on your hair and distribute it on all sides of your hair for more effective effect before shampoo. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes, and rinse it generously using shampoo and conditioner.

Vegetable oil bath for crushed and damaged hair
The vegetable oil bath is the solution that you should immediately implement without hesitation when you have a very bad hair type. The simplest and most effective is to lay off your hair with a comb rich in vegetable oils.

If you suffer from excessive damage, pure olive oil is your first ally. After you lay off your pet hair you move to the second step of the bathroom and wrap your hair in the shower or plastic cover, then in a hot towel and let it stay either for a whole day or a full night.

The odd result when waking up? Your hair will become a wet and soft baby hair and you will be rid of the thin, limp limbs.

Mask of lemon and olive oil to treat damage and shelling
This recipe is especially suitable for women with dry and damaged hair. As for how to prepare the recipe yourself at home:

Combine egg yolk, with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Distribute it evenly on dry hair. This should be done before shampoo and leave it under a hot towel for ten minutes. From there you can rinse with shampoo

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