Step by Step How To Make Money By Sell Clothes on Ebay?

Make Money By Sell Clothes on eBay You can make some money by sell clothes on eBay. And it’s a great way to clean your wardrobe and have extra money to buy new clothes.

Let me tell in advance about the realities of selling used clothing on eBay. It’s a lot of work, it takes a lot of time and it’s not without problems.

This is not my favorite way to make money, but time and time again I find myself making a list of things on eBay. You should expect that and make the process a little easier.

Step by Step How To Make Money By Sell  Clothes on Ebay?

These are the steps to sell clothes on eBay:

1) Determine what you can get for your clothes

It means going to eBay and seeing what other similar items are selling. You’ll soon find that most clothes cannot be sold on eBay. You need to have brand new clothes that are worth over $ 30 to make any kind of money. Otherwise, it is better to simply bring the clothes to goodwill for a tax deduction.

2) Choose what you want to sell

I sell my clothes in large quantities and it seems to me that handling more than 20 items at once is overwhelming. So get rid of this stack of clothes that you want to get rid of and pick the best items. If you do this, you must earn enough money to pay at least the minimum wage. If you just cut down your closet for more money, think about how long the 12 steps of eBay sales take.

3) Clean it

People become (for good reason) very moody when they buy dirty clothes. If you have something really beautiful, like a dress or a suit, or something you want to get for more than $ 20, you should consider professional cleaning before you register.

4) Take pictures of her

Take a picture of the label, the front of the room and the back. If the fabric is visible, take a close photo of the fabric or the dots to show the buyer what you are getting. If the room has a problem, however insignificant it may be, take a picture of these areas.

5) Write a description with many measures

Take a measuring tape and note the length of the crotch, the hem (any other material to loosen the wrists?), The length of the jacket from shoulder to shoulder, the top of the shoulder to the sleeve, the top of the shoulder to the bottom the blazer. The length of the dress should be recorded, as well as the length of the armpit to the armpit. Of course, you will need the sizes in addition to where you have the coin, how long you had and how much and where you used it.

6) Publish the list

If possible, post your ads on Sunday evening so that they expire at around 21:00. Mr., Eastern time. Wednesday nights, at the same time, are the next best option. Pay extra for a list in bold and for one or two more photos.

Make Money By Sell  Clothes on Ebay

7) answer questions

On time and courteous. Use the eBay feature that allows you to post questions and answers on the live list so that anyone can read them.

8) Get the money of the buyer when it is sold

Send an invoice shortly after the end of the list, then again every 48 hours until you get paid. If the buyer has not paid you within a week, you have the right to send him an e-mail telling him to pay within 48 hours, or you will report the negative comments and the e-mail will be sent to you. Republish mail article.

9) Pack it up

Wrap the clothes in plastic bags to protect them from dust and moisture. If you ship fragile items, you must be 120% sure that the item cannot be damaged during transport. It is possible that the shipping cost for shipping was much more than I expected. Remember, the next time you specify shipping costs for a list.

10) Publish it

The post office will collect boxes for priority mail. Visit the USPS website for more details. Otherwise, you can go to the post office. Use automatic franking machines to transfer the line.

11) Leave your comments

Be fair and be nice.

12) Get comments

You have two options, you can make a profit on the eBay market or try to make a profit by owning your personal website, we will give you a summary on how you can see the success of selling used clothes.

The clothes used are great because you do not have to spend money to get them (you already have them), and you can get rid of someone who can really use them.

You clean your house with used clothes and sell it online. In fact, there are people who make a living from used clothes. Just wash them and update them where they can still be used, and sell them on the eBay market!

Where can I find used clothing for eBay?
Therefore, you are probably looking for used clothes on eBay, so you should make sure of that; You will find used clothing at garage sales, on eBay, in your basement or wherever you want.

There are even people who earn a full-time income by changing their used clothes. In other words, they find used clothes and sell them on eBay, which can be a problem finding used clothes over and over again. Therefore, we recommend using this technique until you upgrade your business’s bottom.

How to sell used clothes on eBay
Buying used clothes on eBay is pretty easy, even if it has ups and downs. Obviously, the best way to sell is through eBay: you can sell used clothes instantly and up to date. You want to make sure you have a seller account and a PayPal account.

Now, look what has to be sold! Maybe you have an idea of what people are trying to buy, you can certainly do it to your advantage, find out which used clothes sell the most and then sell them!

eBay guides you through all the steps to successfully sell your clothes. He wants to investigate three things; how to make an excellent list, how to send the product to the customer and how to get an excellent customer service. That seems like a lot at the moment, but there are absolute beginners who are successful in this regard, some just teenagers!

Remember that what you sell is the most important thing, but the key is how you show your product. You want to make sure you list and place your product in the right category, and ultimately find the best path to success.

If you do not get it, ask for it. Many sellers do it.


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