How to start selling online without having any products

selling online without having any products.If you are trying to start selling online through your own online store, but you do not have any products and you do not have any experience or financial ability to buy and store products. You also want to keep away from shipping and delivery difficulties for customers.

Is there a way to do that?

Is there a way you can build your store and add thousands of products and shipped directly to the customer without any interference from you?

Yes, this method has been used for several years all over the world and some have made huge profits in this way. This is called Drop Shipping.

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What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is one of the ways to sell online retail products where you mediate by marketing another company’s products or other suppliers, but across a platform or store for your own profit margin added to the price of the product.

Upon completion of the purchase, the supplier (the product owner) will ship the product directly to the buyer without any interference from you until the product is delivered to the buyer.

In other words, it is a way of marketing a company’s products or acting as a mediator between the seller and the buyer in return for a specific commission and without the need for a stock of goods.

The actual steps that this process undergoes from start to finish are simple and uncomplicated and can be arranged as follows:

First, create an online store:

The online store is the platform on which the products will be displayed. The first and most important step, if implemented accurately and across a reliable platform, provides full and rapid support, this will give a strong start to the store.

Second Product Show:

After the establishment of the store, an account is created on one of the sites that offer the service of the routing routes, which we will mention in the next paragraph, and then the site provides the full data of the products that are subject to the routing of the details and pictures in the form of files uploaded to the computer and then uploaded to your store .

Third: Marketing the online store:

These are the most important steps that require a lot of effort, so there is no need for a physical effort such as storage, packaging or shipping of products.

But there is a need for a mental effort is to try to publish your e-store in various electronic marketing methods, which are the most important interest in the content and make it distinct.

Marketing through social networking sites, article marketing and other marketing methods that can be further identified through the e-marketing section of the blog.

Some of the platforms in which eCommerce stores are created as an ExpandCart platform and Shopify platform provide marketing advice and support to help you promote your online store in professional ways.

Fourth sale of products:

After the great effort of creating the platform or the store and then show the products and then the marketing of the store begins the sale of those products, where you will feel a big push with a lot of confidence when selling your first product through your store, then be focused on adding other products and increase profits of your store.

V. Shipping Products:

After the buyer completes the purchase through your shop and pays the requested price, you pay the supplier and provide the buyer’s address to the supplier to ship the product directly to him without any interference or effort from you.

Sixth: Shoppers’ views:

Finally, the opinions of the shoppers through your store are the most important and represent the key to the success of your store in the future.

If the customer is satisfied with the product, you have gained a new customer to your customer list and if you are not satisfied you will have to do something to solve the problem and avoid it in the future.

In either case, you are the biggest winner because, through customer feedback, you will have indicators of the most popular products and focus on them and interest in products similar to them, or you will know the worst products, then work to find a solution to the problem or remove products from your store altogether.

– Some sites that offer Drop Shipping

There are two types of sites that offer Drop Shipping, first online stores that sell wholesale and provide links that are often at the bottom of the site called Drop Shipping.

And some other sites do not show that link, therefore, prefers to communicate with support to see if it is possible to work through them as Drop Shipper or not.

There are other sites that are fully specialized in providing products for those who want to work in the way of routing Ship, including products with well-known brands and these sites provide the cost price and retail price, the most important of these sites are.

1- AliExpress website

The best way to sell online to those who do not own “Drop Shipping”

AliExpress is one of the giants of e-commerce at the moment, with millions of products, and allows the service of the Shiping but not through a special link, but must copy the product data with images and put it on your store.

Or contact the supplier to try to obtain premium prices, then upon completion of the purchase by the buyer you are buying the product and put the address of the buyer to be shipped to the product directly.

2. Banggood site

The best way to sell online to those who do not own “Drop Shipping”

Banggood is a Chinese site that contains thousands of products that can be marketed and sold through your online store. We have done a review of it in a previous article.

3. Sammydress site

The best way to sell online to those who do not own “Drop Shipping”

Sammydress is a Chinese site that specializes in fashion in general and contains thousands of products that are limited to fashion and accessories for men and women, which can be displayed and marketed through your electronic store and can go to the subscription page of the service routes to this site from here.

4. Location of Oberlo

The best way to sell online to those who do not own “Drop Shipping”

Oberlo is somewhat different from the above-mentioned sites. It is a platform that offers products specially designed for Drop Shipping customers for a monthly subscription and a free trial that offers up to 500 products.

– Is it worth it to start Drop Shipping

Although Drop Shipping is defined as the easiest way to own your business online with minimal costs and risks, Drop Shipping has many drawbacks to consider.

There are those who can overcome these negatives without others, and in both cases, if you have some money there is no objection to start and try, but in a deliberate manner and through the advice of the experienced.

The best support for the ExpandCart platform, which has proven to be among the most important of the e-store platforms,

There are many success stories for people who have set up their stores across the platform in different countries and have started shipping Drop Shipping, having started having a huge inventory of their own, so they have more control over the products.

Drop Shipping is so easy and simple that you can sell any product from a supplier or a large site through your store, by typing product data (preferably in your own language).

Then put the pictures in your store and then ship the products directly to your customers with the emphasis on the supplier taking into account not to put the logo of the original online store on the shipment.

– Example –

If you are offering a product from the Express website to your store to sell it in Drop Shipping, it is not professional for the buyer to see that the product was shipped from the AliExpress store.

Because he was shopping through your store and not through the AliExpress store or he would go to AliExpress directly next time, even if he did not go to AliExpress, certainly will not return to your store again.

start selling online without having any products

– Drop Shipping features

There are a lot of advantages to Drop Shipping that make it look great especially as a start in online sales. These features are as follows:

1- There are no costs for the labor, where there is no need for those who store or packaging or delivery of products, and the owner of the online store through some electronic account software can manage the accounts of the store itself without the need to start hiring accountants, and there is also no need to pay rent for a store or private premises At the shop.

2. There is no need for large capital since the cost is only the cost of setting up an electronic store or monthly subscription to the platforms of the establishment of electronic stores, as well as some of the cost is not excessive, which adds some advantages to the development of the online store.

3. Work can be done from anywhere. The owner of the online store is not bound by a specific place, country or country. It is possible to work from home, office, coffee shop, car or any other place.

4 – Do not adhere to a certain number of products there is a large variety and diversity of products, and can display thousands of products that are available for dealers to market and sell on the pages of your store.

What is the benefit of using a site that provides the service of the route to other sites?

– Cons Drop Shipping

On the other side of the features that we mentioned there are some negative points that must also be mentioned to balance the matter as follows:

The margin of profit is small compared to the sale of products that are from your stock or the manufacture of your company, and this is normal as the fewer intermediaries the lower the cost of the product, the greater the effort and risk as is the case in the possession and management of inventory of products the greater the profit margin.

2 – Do not see the product yourself so the quality is not clear to you by 100% ? Often you can not sell a good product does not see or know the pros and cons, unlike the company that owns the product.

3. You bear the supplier’s faults that may occur for any reason. The buyer does not charge the product from an intermediary’s shop or directly from the supplier and does not know that he or she bought the product from a shop that works in the way of shipping.

4. There are some problems with shipping. For example, if you are dealing with more than one supplier in more than one city or country, shipping is more than one place and the cost varies with the buyer buying from the same store and may be similar products but shipped from places Miscellaneous.

5. Payment can not be made upon receipt.

What is the benefit of using a site that provides the service of the route to other sites?

A.First: These sites will provide you with a reduced price to be able to make a good profit once you subscribe to the service and many of them offer to subscribe to the service free of charge

B. Second: When these sites directly ship the product to your customer, the shipment does not include any information about the supplier’s location, such as the logo of the supplier’s website or the name of the supplier or others.

C.Thirdly: The sites provided for this service are usually sites for wholesale traders or manufacturers, which guarantees the lowest possible price for the product and often distinguishes the product.

The best of these sites is the website

How to start
Search for the sites and suppliers provided for the routing service and select the sections and products you want to start with Create your own online store and add products to your store Develop a good marketing plan and start selling until you achieve your first profit
Continue to follow up the results, increase the number of successful products and add more offers

Things to take care of
Continue with the resource availability on your store on a daily basis if possible or at least weekly

Make sure to offer special prices and offers to your customers. Use supplier offers such as Clearance, Daily Deals, and other offers.

Be sure to offer good products and good service to your customers to ensure continuity

Important tips to start selling online without having any products

Important tips
When you locate the suppliers you want to start working with, make a purchase order on one of the supplier’s products to test the quality of the products and the quality of the service yourself before you begin to display the products of this supplier.

It is best to look for wholesale traders and manufacturers in your country and offer them to get a list of prices traders[price list]

Wholesale) and add their products to your store and will achieve a higher margin of profit in this way.

Your website should be easy to understand and use. use images to divide the site into section make sure the text is clear and easy to read and

Give your visitors a compelling reason to visit your website and become customers. Consider adding original content that is preferably related to the products or lifestyle of your brand.

More than ever, people want to be part of the online experience; In fact, they expect it. One way to make sure you give potential customers what they want is to give them a way to participate in your website.

– Conclusion
In the case of a Drop Shipping store, you will have to make a great effort, especially in terms of marketing. The drop in the Drop Shipping is the speed of access to the consumer, and this is what distinguishes a store from another shop that may be quite similar to it.

Especially since marketing is no longer a difficult time since everything can be done with a smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Finally, if you do not try it, you will not know whether it’s right for you or not, and since we’ve made it clear that the routes are not expensive, you do not mind going into the experiment, so it may be the beginning of your success in e-commerce.


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