Smart Ways To Sell More Books on Amazon

Sell More Books on Amazon. If you want to write books at home, it’s important that you know how to do it. And you have to do it fast. Writing is a numbers game, that is, the more books you write, the more you can win.

More importantly, you should sell your books to the right people at the right time. It is said that selling a mediocre product with good marketing is easier than selling a good product with mediocre marketing.

So, get your marketing right, and you can increase your sales without the need for extra work.

But how are you? How do you know what to write and to whom you can sell it?

But how are you? How do you know what to write and to whom you can sell it?

Let’s start with the three most important things.

Write on. You can not work as a self-published author if you do not write. You have to write books and many of them. And not only that, the way to sell more books is to write a series.

It does not matter if you write fiction or fiction if it’s a series of books, and you’ve published your other books on the back of each book, then it’s likely that readers looking for another book will buy. you

Prevent your books. As you write your books, start marketing immediately.

Tell your mailing list or the readers of your blog what you are working on, when it will be published, and how you can pre-order a copy or purchase a copy at a reduced price.

Not only does this help you to select your book so that customers have to wait to buy it before it’s over, but it requires you to meet deadlines and not disappoint your readers.

Publish quickly You say that money likes speed. So, if you’ve never published before or you want to do it quickly, use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publication.

It’s free to use, has a book cover template software (also free) and can print your book as a POD book, as well as an e-book if you wish.

And because Amazon is good at marketing, when someone sees one version of his book, he also shows the other.

At first, desktop publishing seems to be a bit intimidating, before trying. But you will notice how easy it is.

And if you’ve written and published one or two books and set up your systems, it will be quicker and easier to write and publish more books.

Selling On Amazon Tips For Marketing Your Book On Amazon

It is the beauty to do something again and again. It’s becoming a habit, so it’s easier to do and it speeds up at the same time because you do not have to think about every step of the process to make it more automatic.

Best of all, an automated and simple system gives you more time to write your next book.

About the Author: Ruth Barringham is an online author and self-employed person who draws all her income from her writings.

He has written and published one of his best-selling digital books “The Laptop Lifestyle Living”, using the course editor and publishing electronic books to write 10 days and publish an e-book in just 10 days. 1,000 of them per month

How to Sell More Books

How to Sell More Books

If you’re writing fiction, then it’s easy to write an ongoing saga split into a series of books, such as the Harry Potter novels. Each was a book in itself, but at the same time the story of three main characters on and on, in each successive book for them different problems occurred.

If you write non-fiction, you must write a series of books based on the same topic. For example, if you want to write about dogs, you can write a big book generic, or you can divide it into more detailed books on dog health, education, dogs, breeding, puppies, grooming, exhibition, etc.

That way, as your dog’s dog grows from puppy to adult, you can continue to buy books to take care of. And if it’s one of the books she started with and they published their other books on the back of each of them, they’re likely to stay with the same author.

And it’s the same with fiction. Once your readers know and love your main characters, they will want to know more about them.

Or you can write different characters, but in the same place, like a haunted house trying to kill the people who stay there, or a series of horror books about zombies, or a series of western novels or books on romance.

Once you think about it and look for ideas, you’ll be surprised what comes to your mind.

But the most important thing is to keep writing, publishing, and promoting all the books you write

talk about the book and more people buy the book.

Until people buy the book, talk about the book and more people buy the book. Ugh!

Book sales increase for at least three months. So you know what happens after about 90 days?


You are tired and tired of pushing your book. You stop pushing it and your sales tank. All this hard work and you are now paralyzed.

Therefore it is not enough to be an author. You have to become an author. You must have a strategy to turn your book into a business.

You are the expert and the authority on every topic of your book. You should not be limited to being a bookseller. You are the CEO of your information products company.

A  creates courses, workbooks, audiobooks, home classes, lecture series and even “branded products” such as T-shirts, magazines, backpacks or cases. Phone. That’s what we call “expanding the product range”.

Think like an entrepreneur, not an author. Of course, you can talk and sell books in the back of the room. But he does not use the whole business model of what is possible with a book.

You can hold a conference or annual conference on the topic of your book.
You can create a complete sales funnel and start video/audio lessons for different levels of learning. Remember to start a series for those who are starting, then intermediate and finally advanced.

They can train individuals and advise companies.

You can sell your book in large quantities to organizations.

You could become a paid speaker, columnist, or regular contributor to the media organization as an expert.

You can get sponsors and provide content for your blogs.

The possibilities are endless. There are hundreds of products or income streams that you can pull out of your book, but you should think of it as a career. It’s about using your resources, experience and business knowledge to move to the next level.

How to protect your book

Once its content is published, it will be exposed to enormous abuses. Bad uses that inevitably lead to part of your audience being abducted and part of your income.

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