Selling Used Books On Amazon:Best Way To Find Books To Sell On Amazon


Selling Used Books On Amazon Most Internet users believe that the Amazon site is only a site for selling products Like devices, clothing, and others, but the Amazon site is a multi-platform and among the platforms of the Amazon is Amazon Kindle platform.

Amazon Kindle is a platform that allows users to earn money from the Internet by selling e-books, upload a book and then set a price for others to buy.

Selling Used Books On Amazon:Best Way To Find Books To Sell On Amazon

However, there are some conditions that you must respect in order to earn money from the Amazon Kindle platform and the most important of which is that you have full rights in the sale of the book and secondly that the book has content indicating the title and cover that do not manipulate the objects and covers.

Amazon recently opened its first bookstore on the Internet under the name of “Amazon Paul” in the city of Seattle, his native city, The new library aims to expand Amazon’s advantages in buying books and magazines online.

Amazon surprised the market with a net profit of 79 million dollars, more than 71 million euros in the third quarter of this year, for the second time this year. The company also expressed optimism that it could reach similar profits at the end of the year.

Features of publishing on Amazon Kindle.

1. Publishing through Kindle does not require you to do any kind of advertising for your books. Your job is to publish, unlike other e-publishing sites where you have to publish your own book, and promote it yourself either on your blog or on your site or by any other advertising medium.

Selling Used Books On Amazon

2 – The percentage of visitors to the Kindle store is very large compared to other sites due to several reasons including the fame of Amazon, the spread of the Kindle device to read e-books, and the confidence of customers in dealing with Amazon.The first thing you need to do is register with the Amazon Kindle platform to make money by selling books. Registration is very simple. You have to fill in your personal data and then join the platform.

Find Books To Sell On Amazon Where Can I Find Books to Sell on Amazon.

Selling On Amazon Tips For Marketing Your Book On Amazon

Books that can be sold again On-Amazon.

  • with Resell Rights. 
  • with Master Resell Rights.
  • with Private Label Rights.
  • with Giveaway Rights. 
  • for Personal Use.

There are e-books that author authorizes those who buy them to resell them to other people. There are three types of these holidays or rights:

Best Way To Find Books To Sell On Amazon

  • Limited rights: that the author allows you to sell his book as it is and without any changes to it, not in graphics, content, title or internal links.
  • Conditional Rights: The author allows you to change some things and you are prohibited from changing other things in the book, such as allowing you to change the title, and you are prohibited from changing the content, or changing the cover, or changing the title.
  • The full rights: It is to launch the owner of the book your hand to change what you want in his book unconditionally, change in the title and content and cover and the name of the author and all you want to change, and this type is what concerns us, and to get this type of books can be searched in Google By typing some key phrases such as.

1. E-Books with full master resale rights.


2. E-Books (PLR) Private Label Rights.

selling used books online

After you have joined the Amazon Kindle platform, you will need books to sell. You can get open source English books that you can edit and sell without any proprietary rights issues through Idplr.Com.

It is a site that provides you with a collection of open source books on different topics that you can DOWNLOAD to your computer and modify them by changing the title and some sections, then uploading them on the Amazon Kindle platform and making money by selling them.

important note.

Kindle’s store allows customers who buy books a sufficient period of time to cancel the sale, what that means?

that means the person who will buy your book if he finds that your book law quality, or that there is a thinness in the wording or that fraud of any kind, can cancel the sale in Any time and recover his money in full without discussion and without hesitation, Amazon deals with the complaints and demands of customers in a way beyond the limit, now you have two important tips to do.

First: you must publish books of high quality.

the second: you need to publish a large quantity of these books of quality High ranges from 50 to 100 books in record time to make a good profit.

Selling An Ebook Over Internet How To Make Money Selling Ebooks Online

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