Selling on Amazon Sell Ebooks, Simple and Free Methods Your Ultimate Guide

Selling on Amazon You read enough articles about selling e-books, Ebooks are a dream for anyone who wants to become an author and publish their own titles.

Previously, publishing your work can be a very tortuous process that you are not sure if your book really prints. Now almost everyone can publish an e-book that is considered an excellent alternative to traditional book publishing.

Desktop publishing has its own advantages. The Internet has made it very easy for a person to publish his work. You do not have to search for a book agent and editor.

Free Methods for Any Writer

Free Methods for Any Writer

Their work is not rejected in the traditional sense, unlike in the old days, when you receive rejection receipts by mail. Self-published eBooks allow even future authors to create a book and print it for the world. You do not have to be an established author to publish your results.

Another advantage of e-books is that they are cheaper to produce than traditional books. The author gets full control over the writing, publishing and distribution process from start to finish. There are no publishers to edit (unless you decide to hire one to correct your work), there are no editors to edit.

You can choose to design the envelope, the number of impressions to be made, and the marketing of the books. You can choose between different formats and have your books published in EXE, PDF or HTML. With regard to the compilation of books, there is much software for this purpose.


The process of writing and self-publishing an ebook is quite simple.  think about a really interesting topic that will interest readers. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Many aspiring authors have difficulty finding their place when it comes to writing their books.

Remember, when it comes to ebooks, a niche is everything. You should write about a topic that interests people and has fewer competitors at the same time. If you choose a very popular topic, you’ll have to compete with thousands of authors selling the same topic.

The second step in self-publishing eBooks is writing itself.

If you can write in competition, you can do it yourself. If you do not have that much confidence in your abilities, you can seek the help of another writer who is competitive enough to write about you. Some people hire writers to write ghosts for them, and of course, you have to spend money on talent costs. It is much cheaper to write to you. You can hire a publisher if you want someone to review your spelling and grammar work.

How to Sell Ebooks, Simple and Free Methods

How to Sell Ebooks, Simple and Free Methods

Here is the good news; You can create, sell and sell free ebooks. It does not cost a dime, but your time, and if you write a good e-book and market it wisely, you can also make money selling it.

While more than a dozen locations are potential locations for e-book sales, there are three main places where you should sell eBooks. These are the same places where the vast majority of my sales occur, and other authors have reported similar results.

You have to sell with Amazon. You are the biggest seller of eBooks and books in the world. The Kindle is loved by more readers than any other electronic device, and Kindle readers have an insatiable appetite for books. Downloading a properly formatted eBook on Amazon is as easy as visiting DTP Amazon and following its instructions. It is also free.

Free Methods for Any Writer

Free Methods for Any Writer

You have to sell with Smashwords. They are a neat set that really converts your document into any format that electronic readers can handle, such as pdf, epub, mobi, loaf, just to name a few.

Smashwords has an e-book store and also sends its ebook to other major retailers including Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, and Amazon.

Smashwords (also free) has great tutorials and a style guide to properly format your document so it’s good to read it on these little screens. Visit Smashwords and follow him.

You must also sell eBooks from your own website and/or blog. This can be configured for the autopilot. In addition, it retains 100% of the profits and a mailing list will increase.

Setting up your website with a PayPal button that automatically sends shoppers to a URL for download after purchase makes this a breeze. Then you can sell and complete the orders while you sleep.

Keep simple statistics on visitor downloads with a free company like StatCounter, and you’ll know if hacking is running, which can be solved by simply changing the URL of your download page. I prefer free sites and blogs, but this choice is yours.

In addition, you can sell on websites like eBay, Scribd, YouPublish, MyEbook, Bookmato, etc., but if your experience is like mine, you will not sell as many e-books as the previous ones.


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