Selling On Amazon Make Money On Amazon: Sell Everything You Want

Selling on Amazon is the first online site to buy all kinds of products. If you want to learn how to make money from Amazon, this is the place to go. offers brand electronics, books, home and garden supplies, automotive, music downloads, and more. is really your one-stop website. It competes with competing websites like eBay and is not an auction site like eBay. This is one of the reasons why Amazon is superior to eBay. Buyers looking for a product can buy their product immediately, unlike eBay, where many of the items in an auction format are available.

What kind of things do you sell online?

What kind of things do you sell online?

All items are not selling well online. Depending on what you have for sale, it is best that you sell this garage. As with any business, it’s about supply and demand. In this sense, of course, things that are relatively rare and that many would have liked to do better.

According to eBay, antiques, collectibles, souvenirs, rare books, designer handbags, DVDs and music CDs are some of the things that tend to work well. Personally, I found that used textbooks can also be a good thing to sell online.

But skip babies with hats and most fiction books; The market is too saturated If you are not sure about selling something, it’s best to check what other people are getting for the same article or similar item. Be sure to take into account the time taken to photograph, publish, and submit the article.

I used Amazon to sell old manuals and some DVDs. One day I went to my seller’s account and found that I had an extremely poor seller rating. When I clicked on my comments, I discovered that one of the people to whom I sold a DVD wrote a damning review of the DVD and gave me a rating of 1 out of 5 on my sales account. When I saw that, I was very angry. Instead of commenting on her product page, she had used my seller’s comment page.

I may not like the DVD, but I’ve done my job as a salesperson, that is, sent the right article to the specified address. Unfortunately, I can not do much about it. I tried to contact the buyer to see if I could do anything to eliminate the negative comments, but I never knew. Part of the problem was that I did not do much to get comments from satisfied buyers.

If I had, my seller rating would not have been very successful. I think the lesson is that online selling is really a buyer’s market. Do your best to make customers happy and follow them for good comments if they are.

How To Make Money On Amazon: Sell Everything You Want

How To Make Money On Amazon: Sell Everything You Want

One of the good things about is that you can literally sell what you want. In this sense, it is very similar to eBay and it is a reason to learn how to make money on Amazon. has obvious advantages. The biggest advantage is their prices.

eBay has fees for almost everything. eBay has a registration fee, final values, shipping costs, design fees and more. If you sell products on eBay, the seller will probably need to increase your price just to get a profit on your item. That was true for me before I switched from eBay to Amazon. has charged. The only plan is your final return. This price will be assessed after the sale of the item., like eBay, will take over part of its sales to cover its costs. Sellers on can offer their products at a lower cost because of the lower rate.

Shipping is another reason why is better than eBay. Many of the items purchased on are free shipping. eBay sellers pass the shipping costs on to their customers. Sometimes the shipping costs on eBay are bloated to compensate for the high costs. I was guilty of increasing my shipping costs to make up for the money I lost on eBay.

This is just an idea of how to make money on Amazon. If you have a product to sell then is the place to sell it. is a platform with millions of visitors a day. Could you afford that not more than one million customers visit your shop per day?

How to earn money on Amazon: Join the associated program

How to earn money on Amazon: Join the associated program

The next section on how to make money from Amazon is’s affiliate program. The affiliate program is an affiliate program. What is a partner program? To simplify things, an affiliate program is a program that allows other companies or individuals (like you) to market a company’s products or services for a commission on each item sold. Basically, you will promote the products that are sold on and you will be paid to drive the customers to Amazon who makes a purchase.

How do you join the Amazon Associates program?

It is relatively easy to do. First, sign up for an affiliate account on Find a product to promote (what people want or need, but not very competitive). Promote through a variety of ways such as PPC, Article Marketing, SEO, Blogs, Classifieds and Squidoo Marketing. Customers then buy the product through their affiliate link and are then paid.

How to get your book on Amazon:

How to get your book on Amazon:

If your book is published by a subsidiary or a vanity publisher, your book will be listed on Amazon. If you publish yourself and have a distribution partner, you can have your book published in the Amazon catalog. However, if you’re self-publishing and have no distribution partner, the easiest way to reach Amazon Amazon Advantage is on

To participate in Advantage, you must have distribution rights and your book must have an ISBN barcode that can be scanned. You get 45% of the selling price of your book, Amazon gets 55%. The amount you paid for is based on the selling price you set for the book and is not affected if Amazon deducts the price at which the book is sold. If you set a list price of $ 20 for your book, Amazon pays you $ 9 for every copy you sell.

There are some authors who do not like Amazon asking for a 55% discount. They believe that Amazon should get a discount compared to what other bookstores would get, like 40%. However, is not an average library.

If you’re selling to Amazon through a wholesaler or reseller, you’ll have to offer at least 55% off, and probably more. And it will take longer to get somebody else’s money. The wholesaler or distributor would spend some time on Amazon, so it would probably take at least 30 more days to get the money. And my experience, when I sold directly to bookstores, is that it often takes several months for me to get paid. I never had to send an invoice or e-mail to Amazon to pay on time. Also, no bookstore can give you the global visibility you get on

If you’re in the Advantage program, send books to Amazon and fill orders with customers. Once your request is approved, you will receive your first Amazon order, usually for one or two books. When these books are sold, Amazon will ask for more. Expect your first orders for one or two books to be issued, but as sales increase, they will order more and more.


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