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Selling On Amazon Probably the most important thing that you control when you create a list of your used books for sale on Amazon is to give the Amazon seller a complete and detailed description of the status of your book.

Since the buyer cannot pick up and revise your book, feel it, feel it, and flip the pages, it is your responsibility to describe the article correctly and honestly. You need:

• Put what the buyer wants to know.

• Determine what the buyer needs to know.

• Imagine what the buyer might know surprised. (eg “book signed by the author”)

• Enter a secondary reason for purchase. (eg “first edition”)

• Tell the buyer that you can be sure that the book will be well packaged and shipped quickly.

• Offer a free quote (ie “Confirm free delivery to ensure correct delivery”)

Here’s an example I’ve used that seems to work very well. I loaded this on a model page on my computer.

I’m going out of the lists (they’re in very plain notepad text format to avoid data conversion issues if they were in MS Office or another word processor that seems forced to add weird formatting options to what I’m writing), and me just copy and paste the description that matches what I’m selling, put it in the right place in the form and then enter for 10 to 15 and edit seconds to exactly match the condition of the book.

How to Write Your Description and Crucial Book Terminology


Condition: Used – Good

Remarks: Good condition, hardcover, sixth edition 1952. Without protective cover. There are no inscriptions or highlights on the insides except for 2 inscriptions on the cover. The edges and the back of the cover were easily scraped, the spine is good, the connection is good. Good copy for reading or searching on this topic. In square and ready to ship today. We will send a standard USPS email with a free shipping confirmation to ensure fast and accurate delivery directly to you.

It makes no sense to list the state of the book as “I like it” if it is really a “good” condition. Spreading the truth is a sure way to reduce your profits by selling on Amazon!

Lately, I’ve added that my own seller rating is pretty high. I do not do it to boast; I’m adding this kind of comment to differentiate myself from other providers.

Third-party Amazon sellers are ranked based on comments received, and star ratings really affect buyers.

A seller with a weak mark cannot send on time, or he can blame himself for not writing the book properly, or he can not even send the book! Regardless of the reasons, regular shoppers tend to distance themselves from sellers who have low ratings and continue their business to sellers who get good reviews.

Now I add a similar sentence for the new books that I offer for sale on Amazon:

“Buy with Confidence from Amazon 5-Star Vendor!”

Short, simple and accurate. Without boast. Only the facts. If I have 5 stars, I would like to draw your attention to this point and assure them that they do not ask if they are risking their money by buying my book on the other 50 books of the same title that have caught their attention.

Many sellers name their response times (“we ship the same day!”) Or a number of books shipped daily (“thousands are sent daily!”) Or another promise of reliability. My advice is to find your own unique selling proposition that puts you above your competitors.

In this case, you do not know how to figure out a quick example of copying and pasting from a computer keyboard with Windows:

I discovered that writing the description of the books in the notebook is much easier, then copying and pasting with old-school keyboard techniques.

1. Use the mouse to select the text you want to copy, then hold down the CTRL key (in the lower-left corner of the computer keyboard) and press the “C” key. , This will copy it to your clipboard.
2. Navigate to the screen that displays the Amazon Book List form, click the slider in the Comments box, hold down the CTRL key, and then press the V key. It fits the mold. It saves you a lot of typing.
3. If you need to make a small change to the copy, for example, if the back of a paperback is slightly wrinkled and torn, you can move to that part of the description, write and click Submit. “Button, everything is ready!

Go to the next book. Duplo. Repeat the rinsing process. Nothing could be easier!

Now that you know one of the key things that will help you sell more books, CDs, and DVDs used on Amazon, put that expertise into practice for more money in your spare time in this simple business earn a home. , By fully describing your articles with these simple tips, you will certainly sell more, earn more money and also enjoy a respectful seller rating.


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