Selling on Amazon Important Points That You Should Consider

Selling On Amazon It seems that there are currently more online courses teaching us how to sell on Amazon than any other kind of work at home, so I want to share these 7 points with you, but first I want one Subsidiary of Amazon, but only very small.

Starting with Amazon as a partner is very easy. I know a lot of people who plan to open 100 websites promoting Amazon products, some of which, of course, only open five or ten. It’s good. Let’s take a look.

Good points

People like Amazon. I love Amazon, they are nice and easy to handle.

They are very reliable and reliable, their product range and their service are first class.
You will also leave the ship for you, so you do not have to worry about deliveries or publication and packaging.

Not so good points

Yesterday I renewed one of my domain names with GoDaddy, it’s the name of and renewal for a year cost me $ 14,26. If I had 100 domains, it would cost me $ 118 a month for domain extensions, plus about $ 10 a month to host them in HostGator, and another $ 20 a month for Aweber for messaging and contact services. It’s about $ 150 a month overall.

Amazon pays between 3% and 5% commission, for example, if they paid 4% on average, they would need $ 4,000 in revenue each month to pay $ 150 overhead, not to mention the tax collector. Of course, this is just one example, you can have as many or as few websites as you like.

But fewer websites mean fewer sales.

There are currently four domain titles in all sizes.Com,Net.Org and the recently introduced .co. There are very few “good” domain names. So there are many people fishing in the same group. The theory that a person can create a website and then forget it is not true. As a result, Google will examine the domain sites needed to periodically deliver new content.

Amazon is great, but there are two much bigger players in this game: the government and Google to give everyone a better deal Google has recently changed the rules for search engines. Will they still change the rules if joint ventures are undervalued and it’s not worth using the internet for advertising?

Will Google stop promoting Amazon sites?

They could be very light, it’s that simple. In addition, the government is losing money because the businesses in our cities are closing because they can not compete with Internet traders like Amazon, so the government does not collect enough taxes.
For this reason, Amazon is no longer marketed in Colorado, Rhode Island, North Carolina or Illinois. How long can it take for other states to follow?

Selling Your Product on the Internet

Selling Your Product on the Internet

Online sales

There are many ways to sell your product on the Internet. You can sell through other websites like Amazon, eBay or established online retailers. But most inventors prefer to create their own website to sell their product. I think it’s better to start your own website, but also sell it through other websites.

The internet is a great place and you want to create so many opportunities for potential customers to find you. Selling on eBay is easy to configure and Amazon are two different programs for sale on Amazon (just visit and go to the bottom of the page and click on “Sell on Amazon”).

For sales through other established online retailers, you need to contact them to sell your product on your website. Online stores are generally easier to reach than physical stores since online stores are not limited by display space.

Set up your own website

If you want to set up your own website to sell your product, there are many hosting companies that make it very easy. For example, StartLogic has everything you need to build an online store, even if you have no experience in designing websites. You can also use PayPal to make online sales very easy.

Increase the awareness of your product

How do you inform people about your product? One of the best ways is to periodically review the sites your potential customers consult to evaluate your product. For example, you can contact well-known bloggers in your niche and ask them to check your product if you send them a free example.

Another way to increase your productivity is to write articles about the problem that solves your product and then send to websites that republish articles like and websites in your niche. You do not want to make your articles promoting your product, but offer good advice (which your product may contain) and, in the Author Bio section of your website mention.

If your article is well written and useful, it will be picked up from other websites and all this will increase the chances for people to find you and your product. The more articles you can write without repeating, the better. This also increases the number of links pointing to your website, which gives you a higher search engine ranking.

Press releases are another way to increase awareness of your product. You can send press releases to many free PR sites that play your news. These press releases appear in search engines, showing people to your website, and sometimes the press and bloggers are aware of this new and can reprint.

sponsored links

Commercial links used to be a very popular way to increase web traffic. It was that search engines like Google would partially arrange their site by how many other websites have links to their site. This has led to link exchanges, hidden links and many other ways to increase search engine rankings.

But now search engines are smarter and only important links from relevant pages. For example, if you sell kitchen products and have a link from an auto parts store, the search engines will not tell you. However, if you have links to other kitchen magazines or cookbooks online, these links will help you to be ranked in the search engines. So you can share links, but make sure they are only on relevant websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a constantly changing process because search engines are always improving the way search engine rankings are calculated. Every time they change their system, people find ways to beat the system, and the search engines change their system again. SEO is a huge topic, but I will briefly mention some very important aspects here:

Create relevant page titles
Use the description and the keyword meta tags
Use important content header tags: h1, h2, and so on.
Update content regularly
Submit your website to the major search engines and update the sitemaps
There is much more in SEO and if you are interested you can find many good resources online.

Start a partner program

An affiliate program is to get other sites to either bring your product into your store or simply publish an ad for your product anywhere on your site. Then, each time your product is sold on your website, you pay either a percentage of each sale or a predetermined amount.

Affiliate programs are a great way to get other websites to sell your product because they make it as easy as possible to carry their product and make money without investment and effort. If your product is sold on Amazon, you can use your affiliate program with other sites to sell your product.

When you start your own affiliate program, there are many websites that can help you with the persecution, by creating codes to publish on other websites and everything you need to run your affiliate program. Just look to start an online affiliate program.

Sell affiliate products

In addition to other people selling your products, you can sell other people’s products. You can make money from it, but you really want to create more opportunities for people to find your website. Once you have more than one product, users can find your website looking for your product or other affiliate products that you sell. If you discover that your site is looking for affiliate products, they will also be exposed to your product and may be able to buy it.


Some online companies spend a lot of money on advertising, others do not spend it. One of the best things about the Internet, as opposed to television, is that it is not too difficult to get a free exposure. Still, many online ads are still effective. Search engines allow you to advertise on them and other websites. For example, GoogleAds is the best-known advertising system. You can also buy ads directly on individual websites either monthly or pay each time a user clicks on your ad. If you have money for it, you can experiment and see how effective it is.


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