How Do You Make Money Selling Used Books On Amazon?

If you really want to sell used books online, choose Amazon. If you do not know Amazon, this is one of the most popular web stores in the world. Amazon was founded in 1994 in the United States by a man named Jeff Bezoz, believe it or not, out of his garage! From this humble beginning, Amazon now holds 50% of the book sales market, which equates to millions of dollars per year. You can participate quickly and easily in this market without incurring initial costs.

First, find books you do not want to have at home. Once your books are done, register on the Amazon site. This takes about ten minutes.

To list used books on Amazon is extremely simple if you enter the number of books of international standard and automatically display your book. Then you can see the market price for your used book.

I would recommend that you get a low price tag next to your book. You then just click and complete your listing. Amazon wants you to send mail to the customer.

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If you need more warehouses, I recommend you visit local shops and charities. In addition, the sale of shoes and car shows is also very good. I bought books for £ 15 and sold them for £ 20, and that happens every week.

1)what used books sell best on Amazon?

  • Avoid popular fiction and nonfiction. Because often there is an oversupply that leads to low prices. Experienced salespeople can make a profit from low-cost books that will be difficult for beginners.


  • Focus on the sale of niche topics that apply to generals. Look for unusual books that expand your reach for more profit per sale.


  • It is very important to avoid modern fiction titles. There are literally thousands of books used on Amazon in this category, and you can not earn sales with this type of book.


  • Best used books to sell on Amazon chose old books with a hobby connotation. Music, religion, self-help, military, crafts, sports and poetry.

Best Way To Find Used Books To Sell On Amazon

Car Boots, Garage Sales, School Fetes, Church Fetes, Charity Shops, Libraries, Christmas bazaars, even friends and family.just to name a few, are good examples.

Selling Used Books On Amazon: Best Way To Find Books To Sell On Amazon

It’s very easy to get familiar and over time you can easily see what’s being sold and what’s not. Personally, I also sell DVDs online, but you need to make sure that your DVD works before you send it to a customer, because the good opinions of customers in this area are very important. DVDs, however, are fast-paced items that can easily make you a lot of money. Make Money Online sell textbooks

If you have an Amazon online library of about 100 books, you can expect to sell about 30 books a month. If you reach that level of revenue, it’s worth becoming an Amazon bookseller.

It costs £ 25 per month but also reduces Amazon’s 85 point charge each time a book is sold. Of course, Amazon has to earn an income from the deal with itself, but since you can see £ 30 a month and beyond the limit, this is a viable business decision.

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Another important tip: Try to keep your books small to medium to save shipping costs. Amazon is very generous and gives you plenty of room to sell your books, but with really big books you really lose.

However, textbooks are very good sellers and can reach prices over 20 pounds. I would make an exception for this type of book. Selling Used Books on Amazon. How To Sell Books On Amazon

It’s really a simple business, and Amazon offers an excellent online forum where you can chat with other Amazon merchants and get lots of tips and good suggestions.

In addition, as I mentioned at the beginning, there are no initial costs, and once you’ve tackled this activity, it’s incredibly fun and rewarding. When I see that the shipping e-mails already sent are sent, I am never excited and when you start your own online book sales service.

Choosing a site with many targeted customers is good and may help you achieve good sales and profits, but you can attract more customers and make more profits if you follow some marketing methods, and from it

How To Increase Sales 300%

selling books on amazon tips and secrets

  • Providing products that are highly in demand by customers.
    Diversity in products to please customers’ tastes.


  • Products should not be worn out but should be in good condition.
    Selling prices are not high, otherwise, customers will think about buying new products.


  • Some offers can be made to increase sales such as a free book on two books or a discount of a certain percentage.


  • The customer who asks you for an unavailable book does not tell him that it is not available but ask him a time to look for him and if you find him you can call him.


  • Customers who come to buy more than once should sell them at a premium price so that they feel valued and thus become permanent customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your old books on the shelves and in the attic and start your own business. I hope you have enough to start.


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