Self confidence

Personal development

Personal development

Self confidence
Self-confidence does not mean vanity or arrogance on others. All people have defects and mistakes. In order to develop your confidence in yourself, you must realize what self-confidence is, to be your independent personality, in addition to recognizing the negatives and trying to reform them. Experience and experience


Strengthen self-confidence
Explore your features, focus on your presence, develop and enrich them. This will make you confident in yourself, allowing you to develop those qualities and see them reflected on others.
Try to forget the flaws, because the need is to develop positive things in your personality, try to stay away from people who cause you tension or anxiety, and this does not mean that the intersection, but to find yourself new relationships with people who share your interests in order to work to develop yourself.
Try to renew your style by dealing with new people, such as highlighting the points that you possess and hide the negative aspects by controlling the language of your body and reactions, and the best advice is to slow before the reaction and to think that the master of the situation in those Stage.
Avoid showing tension as much as possible, others can notice your stress through your facial expressions, tone of voice, reactions to surrounding situations, try to watch yourself as much as possible and, when you notice any changes, think of something else to calm the tension. Start by thinking again about the pros and cons. After a period of three weeks to a month, you will be more confident in your preferences and this is the time to minimize the negatives. Stay calm in difficult situations. That’s what distinguishes people who trust themselves. You should avoid sharpness in discussions and try to show a comfortable smile to others. You have to train yourself all the time to become your social habits.


social skills
The enjoyment of human social skills is the most important factor in his success in the environment, whether in work or other family relations or friendship or other, and these multiple social skills and add to the mental and motor skills possessed by the person to represent the personal that appear to others and deal with the person, The personality that others see is what influences the impressions and judgments of others on the person. One of the most important qualities that must be shown to others is self-confidence, especially in the first social interactions, whether at work or when identifying others.



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