Herbs for burning fat

Herbs for burning fat Natural herbs have been used since ancient times in many things, including therapeutic and cosmetic uses, preparation of various food items, in addition to being used mainly

Herbs for burning fat

to get rid of excess weight and fat accumulated with the adoption of healthy diets and exercise; Burn fat, and in this article, we will give some herbs that burn fat.

Best Foods To Burn Fat

Herbs help to burn fat
For cinnamon, cinnamon transfers the fat from the liver so that the body burns it more easily and thus uses it to produce energy.

It also increases the rate of lipid metabolism, in addition to its ability to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body, thus reducing appetite and eliminating body fat and weight loss. Cinnamon prevents infections, protects the body from fungi and parasites, and is a good source of dietary fiber, iron, and calcium.

This herb has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, slow down digestion, absorb food in the intestines, In the blood, and advised to avoid excessive use; so as not to cause the side effects, and the most important of these effects: a drop in blood, and it may harm the pregnant and breastfeeding.

Ginger is one of the most popular herbs that burn fat. Studies have shown that it has the ability to burn body fat by up to 20% compared to those who do not eat or add it to their diet, and has the ability to expand blood vessels, and thus improve blood circulation, Which promotes the metabolism, and advised to avoid over-eating so as not to lead to some side effects; the most important: nausea.

Green tea
Green tea is considered the first herb among the specialized herbs in slimming and fat elimination. Research has shown its ability to promote and accelerate the metabolism and burning of fat in the body.

This is because it contains antioxidant compounds that increase metabolism and thus dissolve fat. This tea contains caffeine, polyphenols and ketikin, a chemical that affects the metabolism.

One study showed a decrease in body weight by up to 4.6% of the body weight in seventy people who took the green tea extract for more than three months, and advised to avoid over-eating to avoid the side effects it causes, including the occurrence of diarrhea, Increased nerve.

Seeds of flax
Flaxseeds contain a large amount of fiber, a small number of carbohydrates, and contain a substance that fills the stomach, and thus increase the sense of satiety, and reduce the amount of food eaten during the day


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