how to sell used books on amazon 3 very easy steps

Selling used books on Amazon is not that difficult. Here’s a detailed guide on how to sell books on Amazon and make money without experience.

Used bookstore. You’ve heard how easy it is to sell books online (that’s it!) And you know that nowadays more used books are being bought than ever (with the bad economy it’s a great way to save money) you are ready to sell used books on Amazon. 

So I thought to take a look. This makes more sense than many other systems I could mention. That cannot be completely doubtful because I know Amazon and know exactly how it could work.

You can read the link above to see the full selling point (the point of sale, by the way, does not allow you to sell books on Amazon because anyone who created this page would not make money, it would do is book them sell, wrote (called), like).

Below you can read some comments that you can trust (because you know I’m not trying to sell you anything) and form your own opinion.

I even remembered that Robin Williams might be a fictitious name for this piece of marketing, because what are you going to get when you search for “Robin Williams” Google to find that guy and ask him What is he promoting?

Well, at least I did that:

3 very easy steps to list books for sale on Amazon

3 very easy steps to list books for sale on Amazon

1. Find the books:

I’ve found books that I’d like to get rid of the shelves of our house, one of them

the book was “Napoleon for Dummies”, which I bought my wife just for fun (she is French and had spoken)

about Napoleon so much the week before that I bought him this book for 50 pence from a charity sale.

2. Set up an Amazon Merchant account:

it’s very simple and pretty intuitive by Amazon itself, so |

do not go into detail here 3.

  • List of books – | He listed four books, including Napoleon for Dummies (I quote this because that’s it
  • I have just sold)
  • The list of each book is as simple as entering the ISIN number of the inner cover

– Amazon will do the rest (that is, the list will have a picture of the book, reviews and the ability to look inside) and preview most books

– everything automatically after entering the ISIN). Amazon is so big that every book I’ve listed has a different one

is for sale, so for anyone undermined the lowest price

3. Make a list of books:

I’ve listed 4 books, including Napoleon for Dummies (I quote because that’s it

I only sell) – the list of each book is as easy as entering the ISIN number of the inner cover – Amazon will do the rest (the list will have a picture of the book, reviews and the ability to look inward). see most books

So, there you have it. Maybe you can make money with this technique, but it will not make you rich.

There will not be much room to sell books (and it can be a loss if you believe what you paid for the book) because of the huge costs that Amazon is removing and not working. It seems that there will also be a large margin in the release. As you can see above, you will be very happy to make money.

Probably the only way to make money is to sell used books on Amazon if you sell very rare books or first

In a sense, Amazon is so primitive and the pages of “individual” products are so complicated and overpopulated compared to eBay that I wonder how they came to such a success.

easy steps to list books for sale on Amazon

I’m still having trouble finding postage and detailed descriptions, such as the size of Amazon product listings. The structure of Amazon is better suited for new products with ISBNs, SKUs, and more.

Another disadvantage of Amazon compared to eBay is that small seller like me, you can list up to 40 pounds for free, but then they have to pay about 30 dollars a month.

This is not possible for sellers like me who often do not sell for weeks and sell books for less than $ 50 on eBay, but who also list more books a monthly fee to pay the privilege of my knowledge and understanding.

Again, it would be great if someone or something like Google combined the best of both and eliminated the worst.

As many thousands of eBay sellers who are tired of eBay and Paypal bullying, monopolistic, often irrational behavior towards salespeople, I’ve been looking for alternatives for my antiques and collectibles that are not listed in books, looking very user-friendly and featured in the E-Business press received many excellent reviews.

After all, pricing becomes irrelevant when a salesperson, after having completed his studies and experience, for example, has learned to sell an old book from 25 cents to $ 1 and sells for $ 20 to $ 50; I’ve done this many times and I know that many other motivated and knowledgeable booksellers do it regularly.

In summary, if you want to make book sales online:

1. Books of love = bibliophile.

2. Examine book sales for completed books on eBay from the highest to the lowest level: You do not need to enter anything in the eBay search box.

3. You must know the terms of the book description, eg. For example, the condition.

4. You must love to hunt and jump out of bed the first thing in the morning to be the first in the queue for selling used objects or selling products of that day.

5. Continue to search and dig. Many people do not have the patience, the determination, or the resistance to bow and dig through dozens of boxes of old books and sometimes dusty mice, or even chew them. You often find a treasure.


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