How to become a successful blogger

To become a successful blogger in a short time, whether on a blogger or WordPress platform or any other blogging platform, you must have a distinctive style that distinguishes you from others by following these tips in this post:

Successful blogging is also linked to the person’s experience in the field in which he writes. The more a person’s experience, the more information is documented and more useful because it indicates a person’s practical experience rather than just theoretical words.

Have you ever thought about what separates a successful blogger from a regular blogger?

They are always ready to learn
You may think they always create new concepts and are not ready to learn because they have achieved great success, but just look at any of them and you will know what I mean. Even though they have tens of thousands of followers and marketers, but they still share with us the various articles and blogs they read. Can you now imagine what can be achieved with the knowledge they earn every day?

How to become a successful blogger

Make no mistake in thinking and think that since you have achieved a little, it means you should stop reading. Learning is a friend of success, so make sure you are always ready to learn new things and improve your knowledge.

Provide topics with full professionalism “titles and general content.
If you want to attract visitors and viewers just choose a professional title and makes the reader to raise the title from the outset and also should not forget to provide the content of the text in a professional manner and linguistic scrutiny and the use of exceptional words and always be careful not to repeat words and put the subject in an easy way that can The reader will understand the content of the topic and will inevitably make visitors put your blog in the list of favorites because you aim to benefit visitors and not earn a large number of viewers.

Blog Credibility:
This is the most important part of the topic is the credibility of the blog if you do not tire yourself and move topics without permission from other blogs, and if you do not have the inspiration to write topics I advise you to be the last thing you think is copying topics from famous blogs because it will initially make you succeed but Your blog soon begins to crash.

They write to readers
No! They do not write to Google, Adsense or even social media sites.

Contrary to what some might think, the biggest reason for bloggers’ success is that they provide useful content and vim, not copied or moved, and always take their readers into account – that is, they always design the content according to the needs of their readers. Try to look at the most successful articles and syndicates on any of your favorite blogs, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Many people think that being a successful blogger is easy, but if you carefully consider it you will notice that it is not. Most successful bloggers started their careers five years ago or more, and during this period they were keen to write quality articles for users without thinking about the results. I mean, they did not use complex words and terms to make readers think they were professors but instead focused on making their articles easy to read, written in a clear, smooth and distinctive way, and then ended up with a successful blog that attracted thousands of people.

They are not afraid of failure
Yeah. That’s why you see big bloggers pitching products behind products. Does this mean that the products that are released are always available? No, they know it.

Adult bloggers are not afraid of failure, and as a result, they are always ready to test new things. You have to be prepared for anything and you must make sure that you do not allow your fear to disrupt your work.

How to become a successful blogger

As a professional columnist, you will face many challenges, you will have to take a lot of new steps and go into a lot of bold adventures, but the only way you can succeed is by believing that failure is inevitable and instead of running away from it, adopt it and realize it. All the big bloggers failed.

Building your popularity online is a long-term plan and you need patience and acceptance of the challenge from the star

And remember to become a popular blogger you have to be patient and motivated so that you can give all your new and different ideas constantly to your blog followers, eventually reaching your dream and goal that I have sought from the beginning.

A successful blogger provides unique content while maintaining credibility. In fact, what you write on your blog will determine the quality of your followers. If you provide good content, your followers will talk about it to others and this will reflect positively on you and bring you, other followers.

They are very good at analysis
Successful bloggers are very good at one thing: analysis. I mean, you always find them looking for the best sources of traffic, and as a result, they’re always looking at ways to improve existing traffic sources.

If you want to build a successful blog, the most serious mistake you can make is not to care where the results come from. I mean, he likes to study what kind of blogging brings the most comments or generates the most traffic, looking at the nature of this source, and trying to use new sources constantly. You should also analyze your blog on a consistent and ongoing basis. All of this can help make your blog successful.

You need to know where visitors come from, and as a result, you should also be willing to improve your current traffic sources and get new ones.

how to use Google Analytics to become a successful blogger.

Evaluation of the performance of the blog is very important, without it to navigate without a compass or map from the ground I recommend that you use Google Analytics so, you can know many very useful statistics. For example:

Which posts are most visited on your site – which posts are most visited – which posts have been read or seen longer – which keywords were searched for in the search engine visited your blog – what is the largest source of visitors for each blog and for your site as a whole – bounce rate or Bounce Rate, which we just mentioned


In addition to detailed information about your visitors: country, operating system, screen resolution, etc.

All of this information is very useful as it enables you to correct the path of your blog and increase its strengths

All usability studies confirmed that the visitor does not read what the word is written but rather scans the page quickly to search for what it is.

In order to format your post as follows:

  • Make the line thick on the important words
  • Use colors on texts sometimes
  • Use the address system H2, H3, etc.
  • Keep the short paragraphs and order them in a logical order. Section ideas that need to be explained to many parts and paragraphs
  • Use numeric and numeric enumeration
  • Use MediaMedia in your posts and do not make them texts only. Do not leave a note without a picture or video at least
  • Each post must also have a number of auxiliary or secondary words. For example, if we consider that the main word for this post that we are reading now is how to profit from blogging, the auxiliary words – secondary – may be:

These help words should be distributed to:

  1. Tags
  2. Alt – Pictures
  3. In the text of the blog itself

This reinforces the keyword itself and gives it more power in evaluating search engines.

Maybe you think it’s just one of the readers, and that if one person shortage of thousands of readers you have it will not make a difference, but imagine what would happen if all readers started to leave one by one.

Do not be too arrogant to reach a point where you lose respect for your readers. Successful bloggers know the value of their readers, and as a result, they always look and respect them.

A successful blogger creates his blog the same way you do and does nothing you can not do. The real difference is that he has learned some basic things over the years, and these basics help him to create a successful blog.


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