Find Books To Sell On Amazon Where Can I Find Books to Sell on Amazon

Find Books To Sell On Amazon  Do you want to sell books on the internet? You’ll soon find that finding books for sale is the easiest part of the business. However, finding good books that are sold for a lot of money is not that easy.Find Books To Sell On Amazon Where Can I Find Books to Sell on Amazon

I’ll give you a list of places to see and the best way to use those places. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I’ll talk about two books I recently sold.

The first was a horsepower book called Horse Power and Magic, published in 1979 by Faber and Faber. Do not think that all the books you find should be sold at 99 cents or less.

I found this book at a local thrift store and paid $ 3.99 for what I considered expensive at the time. It took a month for this book to sell for $ 125. Of course, these gems do not fall on your lap every day, but how many other buyers have gone before they picked them up?

The second good find was Decorative Art 20s by Taschen published in 2000. I found it at a church sale for $ 5.00. It was sold for $ 80.00 in three weeks and it is possible that it had a lower price.

These are some of the best places to find books for sale on Amazon.

1. Hobby shops

Not just your local Salvation Army, but other hidden shops that not all dealers know. Selling books on the Internet has become such a popular activity that thousands of people do it.

Most of them will go to Salvation Army stores, but only the best will look for second-hand stores selling books for next to nothing. A good starting point for your search is the yellow pages.

Just look for a second-hand store and call them to ask if they sell books. I have 4 of those hidden places near my house selling big books for 50 cents each. You should also ask your friends if they know of a small second-hand store. If you even find one of these places in your shop.

2. Sale of the church

Here is a tip for you. Church sales are a good place to look for books, but if you fight hundreds, you can not find too much. What I do is buy two or three boxes of books a few days before the event that have not yet been sold (they’ll still throw away rags).

They want to meet the people who lead these things. I always donate boxes of books to two specific church sales in my neighborhood.

Guess what? While others check the inventory during the sale, I make a list of books that I was allowed to buy the day before the sale! They also invited me to review the stock after the sale and collect what I wanted because they have trouble saving everything for the next sale. The last time I did that, I found a book about the history of New Brunswick, which quickly sold for $ 50.

3. Garage sales

If you visit garage sales, you will probably find other dealers, but most of them look at the table and, if there is nothing, go to the next sale. You will use a different angle. Talk to the sellers.

What a concept! Last summer I saw two traders rummaging through a box of paperbacks in front of a pretty house. With my common sense, I assumed that they were not all the books they had.

I skipped the boxes and went to talk to the owner. I asked him if he was considering selling more books. He ended up being a very nice guy, he invited me to his basement where he had two bookstores full of stock market books.

He explained that he was not ready to sell her, but that his wife would be pleased if he cleaned the room. I made an offer in the neighborhood of 50 cents a pound and left with the whole collection. At least 20 books were sold for over $ 50 each!

Of course, these are the standard places you’ll always hear, but there are methods that most traders use, and there are methods that you will use if you want to be among the best.

Like any leader, you have to think a little more. All of these methods worked very well for me and I think they will bring you success. When you think of a place where books are sold, ask yourself: “How can I have an advantage over my competitors?” And do not be shy to get out of a limb.

Tips to Find Books That Are Good To Sell

Tips to Find Books That Are Good To Sell

There are many things that you can get while reading books. For example, you can expand your knowledge and see it from different angles. It will make you a better person in your life and work.

But of course, you should not just read a book. You should only read those that can give you the most value for your time. After all, reading a book is an excellent investment of the time. I could spend days with it. So it’s important to make sure you get something that’s worth it.

What you should do is read good books. The question is, how can we do that?

Well, first and foremost, you can get referrals from people you trust. Is there a book in your specific area of ​interest that you recommend? If you trust them, there is a good chance that the book will be a good read for you.

You can also get recommendations from websites related to the book. Amazon is probably the most popular site for this and can provide you with lots of useful information to improve your reading experience. For example, it has a custom reference feature that Amazon uses to give you information about the books that you believe you want.

I often find many good books this way. Alternatively, you can browse your bestseller lists, which will show you the most popular books in different areas. Although this is not always the case, books that sell well are generally easy to read.

There are other sources, such as social networks related to books. Goodreads is one of the most famous. There you can follow some people you like and read their minds about the books they read. I’m sure you can find something interesting that way.


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