The Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing:7 Effective Twitter Marketing

Effective Twitter Marketing. Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms for managing reputation and building brand awareness. Business owners use Twitter marketing strategies to target the ideal audience, enhance their business, increase traffic to their sites, and increase sales rates.

Statistics show that the number of active Twitter users reached 330 per month and 500 active users per day, and other statistics say that 74% of Twitter users follow small companies to obtain product updates, 88% of companies with more than 100 employees use Twitter for marketing purposes, and that Total advertising costs increased by 91% on an annual basis, making Twitter an indispensable destination for marketers and business owners, and an effective force to communicate with the customer audience if you think it is time to invest the opportunity to grow your business through this platform, here are the most important secrets And ways to succeed in Twitter Marketing:
Want to understand what Twitter Marketing is? It is simply what you want to be your own way, everyone creates its own way to the success of this marketing.
Want to know more about your customers? Or do you aspire to make your brand more humane and vital? Or do you want to build a buzz about your new product? Or do you hope to get support from influencers on Twitter? Or do you want to feature a customer support service with lightning speed? Or do you aim to rise again after the problem of hitting your public relations with your customers? Or do you aspire to learn how to solve a problem if a customer launches a clear public affront to your account? The great thing is, Twitter will make it easier for you, and we’ll show you in detail.
Whatever your goals, there is no doubt that Twitter can be a powerful tool to help you achieve it.
If you are just beginning to discover the Twitter platform, this guide will help you on how to craft a winning strategy. If you had previously started working on the platform to grow your business, you will also find a set of smart business advice on Twitter that will undoubtedly benefit you.

Effective Twitter Marketing

How to Use Twitter for Marketing? effective twitter marketing

1 – Twitter Marketing starts with building a professional account

The steps to create a Twitter account are easy, but it is imperative that you make sure that you do it right and professionally. It will also help create a professional and consistent brand image.

You will have no other option when you start choosing a professional name and a professional username for your company account on Twitter, except that in both cases you keep the real name of your company, if the user name is already reserved, search for a name that makes it easy for you to associate it with your brand and what it represents, to make it easier for customers while searching for you, For example, Aldo shoe company discovered that the Aldo username is owned by a private account that is not affiliated with the trademark on Twitter so the company has created another username instead that is easy, simple and easy to remember Aldo_Shoes.

Avoid names with numbers, abbreviations and acronyms that are difficult to remember, or add alien characters, it is necessary that you have the same username across all of your personal files on social media for the purpose of consistency in your trademark.

When adding an avatar, you will also have a single professional option, which is mostly that you use the company logo, the recommended dimensions are 400 x 400 pixels, it is also necessary that the background colors are directly related to your trademark, we use on Twitter account in five, for example, black and orange. Matching the background to your site design can be a good thing.

Add an eye-catching CV, in which you briefly describe your services or products, also includes the keywords your customers use to search for products or services, you cannot also miss the opportunity to add your geographical location in order to facilitate access to customers in your area, and your site links E-mail in the “Website” field in your profile settings, which will allow you to increase the number of visits to the site.

2 – Determine the goals of Twitter marketing

If you spend a lot of time on your company’s Twitter account then you must make sure that you achieve the best possible results, do not complete any marketing strategy without the presence of measurable goals you want to achieve, without goals you will be vulnerable to committing a lot of mistakes, and you will drive your efforts towards failure If you do not specify what kind of goals you want to achieve, you can start by defining the general goals that you want to achieve within a year such as increasing brand awareness, increasing revenue, creating a loyal fan base, and then setting daily goals such as communication with the public, marketing For a new product, increasing sales volume, Increase the number of followers, monitor and improve your brand reputation, respond to customer complaints faster, increase the number of visits to your website, and communicate with influencers.

Effective Twitter Marketing

All of your goals must include deadlines, this can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever is best for your field.

3- Choose the content that you will post on Twitter

There are various forms of content that you can share with your audience via Twitter, it is necessary that you share all forms of the fact that you will provide users with high-quality, attractive, useful, original content that educates customers and is relevant to your products or services, be the king of the content that provides value to your customers and does not overstate the direct promotion of your services.

Use the tags and share with your audience the various offers, discounts, competitions, polls, promotional texts, photos (89% of the tweets are retweeted and liked), infographics, videos (82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter).

Plan your campaign according to local, global, regional events, and design your content by Hajj season, World Cup, Oscars, etc. Customers expect brands to take a position on the common social and environmental issues that everyone talks about via Twitter and the rest of the platforms allowing you to Express such issues and show your niche, experience, and extent of your interaction with what interests your followers.

The most important goal of all is to manage your account in a personal manner with attractive and exclusive content, rather than simply sending meaningless tweets i.e. promoting participation and interacting with the public with responses and opinion polls and there is nothing wrong with asking for a retweet, and to retweet what you think is important, useful, and relevant With your brand.

To enhance interaction with the content you post, you must know the best time to post. The best time to share content on Twitter may vary depending on your geographical location and the nature of your business (for-profit companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, etc.).

The best time to tweet in general is from 12:00 noon, until 13:00 noon daily and after Friday prayer and Maghrib prayer, the worst is tweeting in the early morning and the time of sporting events or important events. B2B companies tend to post within 16% of business hours while B2C companies tend to post during 17% of business hours on weekends.

4 – The complete automation of Twitter marketing may harm the company

There are many tools for scheduling the post and monitoring feedback on Twitter and other social accounts like Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck, through automation, it will be easy for you to schedule the tweets without having to spend extra time on Twitter, and automation can save effort and time, And organizing the publishing process, but using the full automation of the Twitter marketing campaign is not a good idea, you should not lose sight of the fact that the human dimension completely disappears with complete automation solutions, as automated publishing undermines all efforts to build trust and loyalty between the brand and the audience, customers usually They want to Humans interact directly with brands across communication platforms, and feel more connected to them.

Posting something at the wrong time may cause company problems, for example publishing a topic at a specific time during a global disaster may suddenly damage the corporate image and it will be helpful to pause the automatic posting, you will need to devote additional time and real human effort to interact With your customers the right way.

Effective Twitter Marketing

How to craft a Twitter marketing strategy

Of course, whatever the marketing goals on social media platforms, there will still be a nominal goal that every e-marketer seeks to distinguish between many competitors in the field that is being marketed on the Internet, and to do this you must define an effective marketing strategy, and we will help you in doing so, follow following:

1- Define your marketing goals via Twitter

Your deep understanding of the general goals of your company and the strategy followed by Twitter will make you ready to achieve them effectively. You can be on Twitter for the following purposes or goals:

Increase in Sales
Increase customer loyalty
Build a brand and raise customer awareness of the product
Reducing customer support costs

2- Examining competitors carefully

One of the factors that help you to develop an effective strategy for your marketing plan via the social networking platform Twitter, is the deep analysis of competitors in the field and identify the strengths and weaknesses they and you have, and determine your position from them and you can assess your situation on and off intermittent where you are and where they are.

3- Defining the target audience carefully and carefully

Defining your target group will help you a lot to direct your brand to its owners, and then you will ensure that your targeted ad will reach in an effective, direct way, and then ensure that you get interactions with the brand.

4- Create a special presence on Twitter

Each social media platform has a special approach to marketing, and each platform has unique features and not others in order to get the desired goals from them, and among the platforms that have unique characteristics, especially the nature of the content display is a Twitter platform so be sure to understand the nature of that platform Good understanding to achieve on all goals.

7 Effective Twitter Marketing Examples

Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips

7 Effective Twitter Marketing

1. Engaging in conversations on Twitter makes the account famous and has a very large number of followers. Accounts that convey exciting events, facts, or tweets that contain external links are the accounts most likely to get followers.

2. Another very important point confirmed by a study, that the tweets that contain this @ tag are the fast-spreading tweets, which are easy for everyone to move because they reach them quickly, unlike the tweets that do not contain this tag.

3. a marketer who wants to make the most of Twitter. There is an ideal number of Twitter in the day. Many people think if they tweet a lot they will get a lot of followers, but what the research has confirmed is that this belief is very wrong, but the result confirmed by the studies conducted on Twitter via Twitter to get followers of a large preparation is that the optimal daily Twitter is between 20 to 25 Twitter Especially if these tweets were dead Specialize in one field and high quality.

The Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing:7 Effective Twitter Marketing

4. Recent studies on Twitter have confirmed that those who publish frustrating things or convey a negative feeling often decline in the number of followers. Twitter is not intended to convey bad news to those who follow the negative feeling.

This is what people want on Twitter. It would be better for them to watch TV or read daily newspapers and other things. But the real purpose that people seek on social networking sites in general and Twitter, in particular, is other than communication is the search for happiness and access to Positive feeling.

5. Add a link to your site or page and these are the most important things that through this step the person linked his Twitter account on his site or page and directs followers and anyone who wants to follow him to his site to identify his field first to decide whether to follow him or not.

6. Do not call yourself that you are an expert in the field of such or other things: when you write the 160 characters about yourself do not ever launch yourself that you are an expert in a particular area, but make your experience talking about you and not the other way around, often not being committed to this point has negative effects, Expected.

7. Good content is the master of the situation and is the basis on which people are attracted to you to follow you, to focus your primary and primary interest on providing useful content to encourage more people to follow you.


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