How do business people get lots of money?

Here are the different ways in which rich people go when it comes to money, which means they helped them in their quest to become what they are? How do rich and rich people think about money?

How do business people get lots of money?

Why do some people think differently about money and thus make wealth and others do not succeed? Why do rich people increase their wealth more and more while others freeze at the same level without progress or delay? Sometimes it is puzzling, when some are confusing and illogical, but when the rich have one answer


(Respect money)

This expression of interest and respect for this money is reflected in the reaping of more and increase according to what they desire and may be at the same time the focus and story plot as a whole, and there is a saying John Ron very beautiful when it comes to talk about money, he says: (You do not earn money because of your work For an hour, you get it for the interest it produces at that hour), and hence here is one of the major differences in the telescope to time, money and production, all working hourly, which is about sixty minutes goes on in our lives, but few can get a great benefit During the hour can not be done by others, and from these points We’re going to study the different ways of thinking that goes with the rich when it comes to money, which means that helped them in their quest to become on what they are:

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How do rich people think in different ways about money (how to respect money more

Getting rid of debt: Perhaps one of the first tasks of the intelligent person in the definition of money and deal with it is to get rid of debt, especially those debts, which are mostly bank debt, The benefits will eventually overwhelm the original amount itself, so the first thing that these people are doing is to get rid of these loans, which are a financial burden on the human and may prevent the success and start, the first and most important advice is to get rid of loans and debt, especially banking and institutions Finance and finance High-Dah. Setting goals for money:


There are many people who set personal goals for their lives and try to achieve them in many ways, and there are many who try to reach them in various ways, but to put human goals for his money, some may think it is a bit ridiculous, especially as he considers the bank account as a rigid Can be controlled by them but in fact it is deeper than that, money may be the specific goal and be the reason to find other goals, and may be the means and this depends on the look of man to money in his own way, but overall the goal of the wealthy or those who know Dealing with it is the rule by which the goal can be built in End.


Proficiency in running money:

On the ground, money is a rigid thing, yes you can benefit from it, but as a tree it may not continue to bear fruit if you can not work hard to increase its growth and benefit from this growth as much as possible, so the wealthy are the most successful people to run money to increase and can The money is also said to bring money if its owner is wise in use, and in the end, some will apply the safe plan, which is to put the money in the bank for the purposes of interest each year is useless. The interest rate is currently low. He may not be able to fill the differences in the flutter AS prices due to inflation, Valaslm attempt to make good use of the money with accepted risk.


Dare to ask others who know more:

Usually, most wealthy businessmen have many, many advisers who advise them on matters that matter to them, especially things and finances. This is because they are convinced that man can not know everything and needs initiative and understanding, and this is the same for people Whose wealth has been formed either as a result of inheritance or that the coincidence has played its role in this matter, they on the ground need some who can advise them about the place of successful investment, the rates of risk and benefits and the desired profits from this matter, the person pays a small amount a A man so that he can bring big profits is more remarkable is its ability to reveal and creativity.


Limitations on the amount of spending usually:

Spending is the biggest father of money enemies, so those people we talk about are well aware of how they can get away from hasty spending and much without justification, so they tend to put a lot of restrictions and rules to deal with money, they know where they spend and how and when And do not leave the rope on the other, and according to their whims as much as logic can control this matter,



Adjust the right equation, work more and spend less:

The best equation for dealing with money is very simple, do more, invest more, spend less, and this treatment on the simple does not know them to the few and they are successful, and therefore should try any person in us wants to increase on His wealth is that this will not happen except by following this rule. Exceptions are immediate and can change over time. The first thing is that a person can balance the amount of spending he does with the amount of work he earns.


They spend only what they need:

Of course, the most things that may contribute to the decline of wealth and shrinking and may disappear later is the inability to control the desire to spend on things not needed by man, and this could eventually lead to bankruptcy, and there are many examples, including the famous American actor Nicholas Cage, who has He has to declare bankruptcy because he spent his money in strange things and does not need them from houses, palaces and antiques.


Diversification of income:

One of the most important things that one of the richest men in the world (Warren Buffett) has to say is that you should not put your eggs in one basket and therefore increase your sources of income as much as possible and diversify. From falling into any subsequent risk that you have damaged a project that brings you income.


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