Did you know that blogging has developed amazingly in the recent era and has reached an era that was not even to reach the imagination of humans, the blogging is not limited to the writing only, but evolved until it went to the audio blogging and also blogging through images such as instagram and Flickr and the latest types of blogging is video blogging ..

blogging and making money

Profit from writing articles is one of the best simple strategies through which you can profit from the Internet, whether in Arabic or English, due to several reasons, including the great demand of the owners of sites where they are looking for a book and buy articles in their sites, especially large sites that publish a large number of articles and others Of the methods you can invest in making money, but before you think of the profit of writing articles you should have three things they are

The first thing: you must learn to write correctly and learn the rules of the Sioux and improve your style of writing. This happens in reading, writing and training, also learn how to write articles that lead the search engines.

The second thing is a sample of your articles, which is to write you several good articles and put them in one of the big sites for free provided that they put your name at the end of the article to indicate that you are a writer should be high quality articles and attractive style because if you want to sell articles or help you Webmasters should see some of your articles that you wrote and get admired to deal with you.

After you learn the basics of writing and write some articles as a sample you can follow one of the following steps

Most of the large sites, whether Arab or foreign sites need to publish a number of articles on a daily basis so they either employ a good book, so you can search for large sites that you can write in the same area of ​​the site and then enter the page contact us and the owner of the site and some The data is about you and you are a writer and you want to write on his site if possible and send him links to several articles you wrote so he knows the quality of your articles and you are worth working with him and the response is often you may be rejected from some sites, One site, for example, every 3 days In this period you will receive a response from the sites if someone accepts you to hire you well. It is good, but if you do not accept, you can correspond to other sites until you get a job.




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