Amazon Prime Benefits of Online Video Streaming Amazon Prime Vs Netflix

Amazon Prime Benefits What is the quality of Amazon Instant Video Subscription? For most accounts, the cost of $ 99 a year is more than valuable.

First, they offer an on-demand movie selection style that lets you choose from a variety of genres on the screen. There’s a Recent Watch section as well as Recommended Action & Adventure, Recommended Kids & Family, its TV programs, and various sections tailored to the needs of the most popular users.

Amazon Instant vs. Amazon Prime Instant Video Streaming.

Amazon Instant vs. Amazon Prime Instant Video Streaming

The best movies that come out of the cinema can be watched for less than a dollar with an Amazon online video subscription.

You can also pay up to $ 15 to buy it; but in most cases, it makes no sense if you intend to watch the movie 15 times. You can also opt for the Amazon Prime Instant Video option, which allows you to stream videos for free without adding them to your Amazon account.

Unlimited Streaming, available on Prime, also includes access to the Kindle Unlimited Library, where you can read a free book each month, as well as a free 2-day shipment for a large number of items from the uniquely important Amazon inventory.

The stock of movies and TV shows from Amazon will easily exceed 100,000 in 2017 and continue to grow due to competition from HULU and Netflix.

Watch movies online with Amazon

The Amazon Prime interface depends on the device you are using. In a Roku, for example, the design is not so easy to navigate; but on a PlayStation, it is better. Cloud Player is useful for video senders who want to download a song for later viewing. The search function is disabled on the left and offers many options that are close to your original search. The interface has greatly improved since 2014.

If you receive your real-time video subscription from Amazon, keep in mind that it can now compete with HULU and Netflix.

Get Amazon Prime for free

The beauty of Amazon Instant Video and its full set of online video streaming is that you can try it for a month, in some cases, more for free.

During this time you can see how free 2-day delivery works for you and how you prefer online movie selection. Just go to the Amazon page and sign up for the Prime Test.

Yes, before the end of the trial, you buy many things and calculate how long it takes for your items to understand the type of service you can expect.

If you do not believe that what is available justifies the price, you should cancel the trial subscription at the end of the month to avoid the cost.

The cost of $ 99 (from 2017) of Bonus will be reduced to approximately $ 8.25 per month. Think about how often you watch movies, TV shows, and Super Store items to see if the subscription is worth it or not.

The pantry option with a video streaming subscription

Finally, he is invited to try Amazon Pantry with his new series of videos, movies, TV shows, and two-day free delivery.

This keeps your kitchen full of treats that are not available to casual shoppers, all at competitive prices and with free shipping. Generally, you must purchase $ 50 worth of merchandise to activate free shipping. In addition, it can take a week for your business to arrive.

At Prime Pantry you will receive your order within two days with a guarantee or we will refund your money.

There are fries, various cakes, sweets, chocolates, cleaning supplies, coffee napkins, everything you have and everything you want in your kitchen, almost certainly Amazon Prime Pantry has it.

Amazon Instant Video vs Netflix

Now for a direct comparison of these two excellent services. What is the best Netflix or Amazon Instant Video? First, let’s look at the accessibility experience/user of both.

You can access Netflix Instant Video on almost any platform. Not only that, but you can access it from up to 4 different sources simultaneously.

At some point, my roommate had a subscription that he, myself and two other friends used for months at the same time. Its accessibility is excellent.

As for the user experience … As for the Netflix experience, it is best and easiest to use. My children with little experience in using Xbox or the computer could solve it after a few tries, and if a child can use it.

Amazon Instant Video vs Netflix

he should also be able to do it. If you can not, Netflix is not to blame, you have other problems.

The Netflix App for iPhone is easy to use and navigate. You’re losing a bit of the experience you get with a browser, and it’s even easier on Xbox, PlayStation, and other similar platforms.

On the other hand, Amazon Instant Video, when it comes to other platforms, leaves me wanting and has not offered the tight access to Netflix. WTF Amazon?

Solve this problem Now that they are in Defense, Amazon will buy, so the Amazon Instant Video user experience is set to sell/rent movies for you at the same time.

With different goals, Netflix wants you to enjoy movies and experiences; while Amazon wants it consumed (and of course they make it very easy).

Immediate video selection

Now for the content. Netflix has a lot of content. A lot of movies and shows that are easy to navigate and add permanently. They are currently discussing Netcast’s streaming offering with Comcast directly through the cable service.

Amazon buys many new materials, signs contracts with many vendors, and grabs everything that Netflix loses (with the available $ 8 billion), against the $ 290 million that Netflix has, it’s possible they’ll win in the end. .. we will see. At the moment, Amazon and Netflix have many films; Only the future will tell who will have more.

Cost of Amazon Prime Cost compared to Netflix

Simple math $ 7.99 / month for Netflix Instant Video comes in at $ 95.88 / year. They are offering a free 30-day trial, which will probably continue after trying it out, as they, of course, offer the option month after month without a contract. (Why is not it $ 7.99 / month if you pay 3 to 4 times more than a week for coffee if you’re an average

American). Amazon Prime costs $ 79 / year and does not offer monthly payments. So while it is cheaper (and you pay for the other benefits of Amazon Prime), you have to pay everything in advance.

They offer many offers and membership bonuses throughout the year ($ 20 off your next Amazon purchase and all the big savings you’ll receive are usually enough to sweeten the deal, leave it open or a member reduction) 1 -2 times a year.

Then, when it comes to price, Amazon Prime membership breaks Netflix membership.

I use Netflix on Amazon Instant Video every night of the week. Of course, this is not hard to believe, as at least 1/4 of Amazon Prime members (according to some sources) do not use or even know the video library available to them.

I had plenty of time to explore both, and I do not like having to search all videos on Amazon to find out which ones are free and which can be rented/bought for a fee.

So it’s also a question of quality, almost everything on Netflix can be transmitted in HD as long as you have the right connection speed (make sure you do not use all your bandwidth in other areas).

While Amazon Prime can offer the free SD version, offer to rent the HD version for just over $.

Netflix is the clearest option if you are looking for the best video broadcasting service … But of course, I want to connect Amazon Prime, as I said, the instant video is just one of its advantages.


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