Amazon How To Make Money On Amazon 11 Ways

Amazon has much more than just buying, in fact, there are many ways to make money! Some of you already know and others you may not know. I made more digs this morning to show you how to make money on Amazon. Here are my conclusions: amazoñ

Let’s be realistic. We all know how to spend money on Amazon and even save money while we spend.

But did you think about making money on Amazon?

After all, it is one of the largest retailers in the world, according to the national federation of retailers. And we see it invading almost every aspect of our lives, including the grocery store. The sales giant even takes control of the old shopping centers for its shipping centers.

Of course, this might look like one of the situations in which “robots” take over the “apocalypse in retail”, but with the great progress of Amazon, there is a chance of winning money for you.

If you want to sell items on Amazon, the retail mogul suggests that you do the following:

Amazon How To Make Money On Amazon 11 Ways

1. Discover what you want to sell

Are you in one of your more than 37 sales categories? You may need to obtain approval from Amazon before launching. There is a good diagram that summarizes this information

2. Choose your sales plan

You can opt for a “professional” package of $ 39.99 per month, for those who want to sell more than 40 items per month. If you would like to start on a smaller scale, we recommend the individual rate, which does not require a monthly subscription fee, but you must pay 99 cents per item sold.

Then start listing your products. When a customer places an order, they can have it confirmed by Amazon (see below). Or you can do it yourself.

Then Amazon will insert the payments directly into your bank account.

The Penny Hoarder has instructions on how to make money by simply reselling the items.

3. Work as a compliance/warehouse employee

You can sell items or work behind the scenes of the Compliance and Operations Sector.

It appears that a new Amazon shipping center is appearing every day (Appendix A), which means that Amazon is constantly looking for part-time and full-time warehouse/shipping partners.

These jobs usually require hands-on work. Think: In a warehouse, lift the boxes, use trolleys, and/or collect boxes that can be on a high shelf.

According to a recent list for a full-time seasonal warehouse worker in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the payment is $ 12.25 to $ 15.25 per hour.

You also get benefits, including:

Health benefits.

How To Make Money On Amazon

401 (k) with a corporate match

Public holidays and overtime payment

Time Paid

Benefits of maternity and paternity leave

Limited storage units

Discounts for employees

Amazon’s Career Choice program helps cover tuition

Flexible working hours

You must be at least 18 years old to enroll and you must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Also, keep in mind that the payment and benefits are likely to vary by location.

4. Deliver to Amazon Flex

Next step: Deliver these packages.

As a supplier to Amazon Flex, products are delivered to consumers through, Prime Now, AmazonFresh, and Amazon Restaurants.

The Amazon Flex page shows that as a Flex partner, you can earn $ 18 to $ 25 an hour. In addition, you can set your own schedule.

Here are some important notes for the concert:

If you deliver Prime Now orders, you can use any car. If you’re ordering from, you’ll need a mid-sized sedan with four or more doors.

Make Money On Amazon 11 Ways

In some areas, you can deliver bicycles, but you need a basket and a helmet. Motorcycles and scooters are not allowed.

You need to download the Amazon Flex app, so there are some phone requirements. You must have an Android 6.0 or higher or an iPhone 5 or higher. Further technical specifications can be found here.

You need to pass a background check that lasts between two and five days.

You will not be charged for mileage, parking or toll.

Amazon Flex processes payments on Tuesday and Friday via direct deposit, so you should see your money the next day.

Currently, the program recruits only in the metropolitan area of San Francisco Bay and Richmond, California. However, this may change (and you may have already done so at the time of reading).

If you can not find your city on the list when registering, you can still join the waiting list.

5. Work at home for Amazon

Amazon is constantly recruiting new employees. (You can find vacancies here.) However, time and again, it is the job of house customer service jobs that are most popular with Penny Hoarders.

Amazon reinforces its customer service work from home during the holidays, but we often discover new jobs throughout the year.

According to previous lists, as associated with customer service, you will communicate with customers by phone and answer your questions live chat, solve your problems and resolve your concerns.

You also need to be patient and empathic in stressful circumstances.

Requirements usually include a high school diploma or equivalent GED, a year of customer service experience, and fluency in English.

Make Money On Amazon

You must have basic telephone and computer skills as well as a fast and reliable cable internet connection. Otherwise, Amazon will send you the required technology, including a headset.

In the past, we found that the payment was $ 10 per hour plus premium options. Training is paid and online.

You can monitor these types of publications on the Amazon Virtual Jobs page.

5. Use the Amazon affiliate program

Using the Amazon affiliate program is a great way to monetize your website or blog. Basically, you add affiliate links to Amazon specific products that you have written, and when a reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you can get a commission.

Here is an example: You have read a book and would like to write a review. Use an affiliate link to link the title to the Amazon page of the book. If someone clicks and buys the book, you get up to 10% of the purchase price.

We’ve used it many times in The Penny Hoarder, including this instant pot post, highlighting our favorite adult lunch box.

You can not make a ton of money with it, but it’s free, so there’s no real loss.

6. Self-publishing a book

Self-publishing a book is a great way to establish passive income.

Amazon offers a variety of options, including Kindle publishing, printing, or audio.

Kindle is completely free. It also takes less than five minutes and your book will be available to millions of readers within 24 to 48 hours. You get up to 70% of the license fees. (See more details here).

You also retain the rights to your book and you can set your own list prices and make changes to the book.

The publication for printing on Amazon CreateSpace is also free. Here you can create, publish and distribute your book in a few days.

You still own your copyright and can set the price of your list. You can earn up to 80% in royalties.

Finally, thanks to Amazon Audio Creation Exchange, you can publish books

7. Join the Mechanical Turk

Yes, it looks like a foreign entity. However, Mechanical Turk is an Amazon platform where employees can place work requests at specific prices.

These individual tasks are called HIT tasks or Human Intelligence. You can do these tasks at home and at your own pace. Some tasks include opinion polling, transcription and data entry.

How much you earn depends on what tasks you accept and how long they last. (You will see an estimate before you start).

If you know what you are doing and the best HIT you should take, you can make money like this guy who has an average of $ 500 a month.

8. Apply to Amazon by hand

Amazon Handmade is Etsy from Amazon. It is up to the “guest artisans” to sell their handicrafts.

However, unlike Etsy, you can not just get started and start selling. You must submit a request to Amazon to confirm that all of your goods have actually been crafted by you or one of your 20 or fewer employees. (Learn more about the requirements here).

We wrote about Amazon Handmade when it came up, and we’ve seen a few things before we jump:

Amazon charges 15% commission and at least $ 1 referral fee. (Compare that to Etsy, which charges a 20 cents registration fee and a 3.5 percent commission).

work with amazon

Other craftspeople have noticed that limited metrics and analysis are available, making it difficult to see what people are interested in.

Handcrafted products do not appear in Amazon’s main search engine.

The big attraction, however, is the long range.

See if Amazon Handmade is right for you.

9. Sell your creations

If you have an artistic trend, you should sell your creations in Merch on Amazon.

You upload your artwork to Merch, choose a type of product and color (such as a lavender shirt), set your price, and then add a product description. Amazon then creates a product page.

When customers buy, you do not have to worry about production, shipping, or customer service.

You can also set your own prices and then set the royalties.

Similar to Handmade, you should be considered as a candidate based on your background and experience.

Find the information you need on the Amazon Merch page.

10. Go camping

I was a little surprised when I saw this opportunity to earn money from Amazon. But why should it be? Amazon does everything, including camping.

Amazon CamperForce is a program that pays camping and ancillary costs on selected campsites each year from the beginning of the autumn to the 23rd of December, as it does seasonal work such as pick-up, packing, storage, and reception.

work on amazon

According to Amazon, the program offers “significant salary, a paid premium, paid transfer bonuses and paid campsites … as well as the ability to build lasting relationships with your colleagues.”

CamperForce has partnered with campgrounds in the United States (although only a few were available at the time of writing this report).

11. Exchange your used technology

Did you know that Amazon has an exchange program?

This program allows customers to exchange old items, including game consoles, Kindles, books, cell phones, tablets and smartwatches.

Depending on your location, paying for an Amazon gift card can take up to 10 days.


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