25 quick way to lose weight 5 kg in 5 weeks

Program to lose weight in a fast and natural way Many believe that weight loss is a difficult task that requires painstaking effort, but the truth is otherwise. It is a task that needs to be intelligible and aware of the nutritional value of different foods, as well as keeping away from unhealthy foods that cause fat accumulation in the body and, of course, limited physical activity.

If initially you are changing your lifestyle and controlling your diet with some exercise physical activity. A very easy equation, you can add some helpful factors, such as some natural recipes that help to lose weight, which has recently become a global trend to work to obtain a slim body. Among these recipes, one improves the metabolic process in the body and prepares a loss of 5 kg in just a week.so we offer you here 26 steps to lose weight fast.

1: Do not neglect breakfast if you want to lose weight

The first mistake many people may make when they start a weight loss program or diet is to let them have breakfast. But this will hinder you in several ways. Research has shown that people who eat breakfast are usually thinner.

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Eating a healthy breakfast helps boost metabolism and also reduces mid-morning snacks. Many people get overweight because of the snacks they eat between main meals and not because they eat large meals.

2: Look for someone to practice with

Many people become less enthusiastic when exercising themselves. Look for someone who wants to lose weight and arrange training sessions with him at home or in a local gym. Or you can look for another alternative by signing up for a fitness course or martial arts club and there you will be more determined and you’ll get to know new friends as well.

3: Continue and improve your physical activity

First, what do you want to achieve from the exercise? Is it weight loss / reduction of fat? Or building muscles? Or improve your physical fitness? Or be able to ride a bike, run or swim again with friends and family? Most of the readers of this program will have their answer to reduce fat and lose weight.

According to the average rate, to maintain a healthy weight, you need a moderate workout for 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If your BMI is above 23, you need to increase the intensity of your exercise or exercise for a longer time.

By finding a one-hour fitness session and attending two days a week in addition to 30 minutes a day, it will be an excellent way to achieve these levels. If you prefer to exercise at home to lose weight, follow a regular training program.

4: Get rid of junk foods

It may be difficult, but if you do, you only eat healthy food at home. Get rid of all the junk foods that contain sugar and fat today.

If you still have a pile of ice-crackers, biscuits, cookies, pork pies or anything that contains saturated fat, recycled sugar, or processed meat, get rid of it. Non-essential foods are one of the greatest causes that increase weight, so get rid of them if you want to lose weight.

5: Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily

This is the health management tip for a period of time. Try to eat five servings of fresh fruit and/or vegetables daily. This is something that can be easily achieved.

A cup of a fruit drink is two servings of fruit. The healthy meal should contain two portions of vegetables, and you should look for a fruit meal for a total of five servings.

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If you are practicing intensively (read more about intensive exercise programs), when eating a banana before exercise, you will easily get a total of five servings, and the banana will provide you with a distinct energy source. But do not over-consume fruit juices as they contain a large amount of fructose and can turn into fat.

6: Join a group practicing weight loss fitness

Communicating and talking with others suffering from weight loss issues may reflect your positive results. Knowing that others are suffering from what you suffer helps you to progress easily.

Recent research has shown that joining a weight loss club helps people lose weight. You can also help others by telling them what you have learned from your successes. Look for a group and see the difference you can make.

7: Perform various fitness activities

Many people feel bored by their activity, and instead of running daily, do different sports activities, such as martial arts, yoga, and others. Do not confine yourself to one thing. The different activities will give you a more integrated fitness system, plus you will meet a group of people who do the same activity and weight loss will be fun for you.

8: Learn cooking and attended healthy meals

The most important part of maintaining a healthy weight is to have healthy food daily. If you do not know how to cook, it is likely that you will eat the right food for you and eat fast food and non-useful foods, and these alone are enough to gain weight quickly.

Invest in buying a book about cooking, and learn how to cook healthy meals yourself.

In addition to learning cooking, it is important to bring a range of healthy snacks. There are some healthy snacks: sea mackerel cans on toasted bread, tuna and mayonnaise sandwich, chicken or vegetable soup, assorted bean salad, fruit, and dried nuts.

Always take one of the healthy snacks you prefer when you are at home when you feel hungry at night.

There are 9 rules you should follow to improve the quality of your lifestyle and will also teach you how to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

9: more water

This is a simple rule. Many people think they are hungry, although they actually need more fluids. Taking more water helps relieve hunger.

Drinking too much water is important for a healthy digestion system, and liquids carry food to places where food is needed. It also helps maintain skin smoothness, freshness, and flexibility.

10: Look for an exercise you really enjoy

If you have just started weight loss exercises, you may be starting to feel tired of them. People who enjoy sports are the most committed to exercise and feel good about it.

Instead of sticking to a dull protein, or doing the hard weekly exercise, do some sports such as badminton, riding a bike, riding or even karate. All these will help you focus and keep your enthusiasm. Collective exercises are usually fun, a good way to measure your progress.

11: Reduce stress

Stress may lead you to eat unconsciously or you may go beyond exercise and suffer from an unpleasant sleep and all of these lead to gaining weight. Exercise helps reduce stress levels. Research shows that out-of-home exercise reduces stress by walking more with parents on weekends or going to the hill with friends is an excellent way to reduce stress and help fitness at the same time.

12: Eat what benefits you

Be sure to follow a healthy diet program. Always keep fruits and vegetables. He also continued the Mediterranean diet which helps to reduce the incidence of cancer. Eating plenty of olive oil, fresh vegetables, and a little wine are all useful.

13: Let your family participate in your weight loss program

If you can involve your family in the diet in general and in exercise, this will enhance your chances of success, and your family will enjoy better health.

14: Never miss training

You may sometimes be forced to miss a training session because of work or family obligations. If that happens, compensate for what you missed the next day. Either extend the training session the next day or add another session. It is great to learn some home exercises that will help you add a particular exercise at any time.

15: All slowly to eat a little

It may take up to 10 minutes from the start of your meal until you feel full. If you eat quickly you are likely to eat too much. All slowly, once you feel satisfied with eating, stop eating. Take a look at the amount you have taken, and try to make the meal after which a smaller amount.

16: Learn how to enjoy your life

Make sure that your diet and exercise are in your life. Remember to enjoy yourself. Follow a movie on nights you do not practice, read a book or go out to entertain yourself. Do not be boring and rigid.

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17: Drink more water to prevent hunger

Of course, we mentioned this in the first rule, but it is so simple and effective that we need to repeat it. If you feel hungry between meals, pour yourself a large glass of water first. If you still feel hungry after drinking, take a light healthy meal.

 Intensive diet and exercise

Exercise anywhere, even if you are on the beach. The third step in our weight loss program involves intensifying both diet and exercise. By training, we mean a little bit of training.

18: Exercise until you sweat and follow your breath hard

The basis of each training session is that you end up getting dizzy and sometimes you may keep your breath going through the exercise until it’s almost broken.

If you do not sweat and do not break your breath, it means that you are not doing enough.

19: Be independent of others

It is necessary to be independent to be able to lose weight. It is important to be independent of others, independent of fitness tools and equipment and independent of diet rules.

Although having a companion at the sports club may encourage you, this may discourage you. If your companion is not in a good mood, it does not mean you take a vacation too.

This leads to an increased probability of regression towards failure! Make sure you are happy and alone and go to the lounge alone or go to a gym or martial arts alone. If you are not dependent on others, it means that they will not be able to disappoint you.

20: Be independent of fitness equipment

People often complain that they can not use the sports equipment they want when they go to the local lounge because of the crowd in the lounge, so they may miss some exercise.

It is important to remember that gyms may be very crowded, especially after Christmas and Christmas, so you may not be able to use the machines you want.

It is important to have an alternative plan at such times. Here comes the role of physical exercise to lose weight.

Although physical exercise and regular exercise are a great option for those who can not afford gyms and have no equipment at home, there is no reason why you should not exercise in the lounge.

There are no rules that push-ups, sit-ups, jumping training, squatting, and burpees are only allowed in gyms. If you go to a lounge and all the appliances are busy, look for a place and do periodic exercises.

Do some regular exercises like the above and then stretch to have got good training, while others are waiting.

If you are not a member of a gym and there are no gyms in your area, home training will be your main fitness activity. So learn some different programs and design some of them yourself and stick to the plan. Keep a note of your training and do not miss a training session.

21: Intensive drills

Remember – do intensive exercises always to sweat and break your breath during training. High-intensity workouts are important for weight loss.

Building programs of quality and intensity and putting them into your weekly program is more important than training twice a day or rubbing yourself to the ground. Government instructions indicate that in order to maintain a healthy weight, we must exercise five times a week, to a very high heart rate.

However, three quality sessions will do the same. Adding a weight training program for your weekly program is mandatory. Whether physical training or weight-bearing devices, you should have a goal of weight training every week.

22: Eat balanced food

For diet programs, the density is highly related to all meals. All meals must be balanced to ensure you get enough protein, fat, and carbohydrates as well as a good proportion of nutrients and vitamins which is important.

Eating snacks with a high price value and a small number of nutrients will make it more difficult to lose weight. Therefore, a good diet is important to ensure the rebuilding and repair of muscles after exercise and to ensure the cardiovascular system works well.

Intensive courses with low diets may lead to over-training and weaken the immune system. In general, healthy food is well enough to re-energize and rebuild your body.

23: supplement the diet

Supplementation will be improved when you are doing intensive exercises, whether multivitamins or if you are training weight gain supplements.

Always take care of your body before intensive one-hour training with a healthy balanced diet containing carbohydrates and proteins. After half an hour of completing your training take another meal, but this time to have a meal or a drink rich in protein.

Research has shown that taking a drink containing protein after exercise 30 minutes increases muscle growth and repair rate. Leaving them longer will not get the same benefits and there is a risk that stored energy will turn into fat.

24: Take great meals

Some foods are better processed than other foods to help build a strong body. These foods contain a higher percentage of nutrients than the average percentage, vitamins, and minerals. Some special foods often have unique properties in their ability to enhance immune systems and improve the overall diet. No food is considered a cure for a disease or food called “wonderful” in itself, But eating foods with dense nutrients are no doubt good for your health.

Berries – Blackberry berries are considered the best fruit; including blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. These berries contain large quantities of antioxidants that help protect the body from harmful effects and free radicals.

Salmon – salmon is terrific fish. It is a good source of proteins and contains vitamin A and vitamin D, in addition to important minerals such as selenium and zinc. Salmon is a fat thickener; it contains a high proportion of the omega, which is essential for maintaining the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system. It is also good for brain functions.

Vegetables with green leaves – one of the most excellent foods that are disliked and sometimes neglected by Westerners. Vegetables such as broccoli (which have recently been shown to reduce diabetes and strengthen the lungs) and spinach are very rich in vitamins and are also a good source of fiber.

Orange – Orange is a good source of vitamin C, not only that; but orange contains soluble fibers called pectin, which help reduce cholesterol.

Pineapple – Pineapple is also rich in vitamin C, which supports the survival of the immune system, and is a good source of potassium that helps maintain the health of cells and functions of nerves and muscles.

25: Relieve stress on yourself and praise it

If you learn how to deal with your feelings and enhance your confidence in yourself, this will actually help you lose weight. To be stressful and angry will cause a chemical reaction in the body where the body releases the hormone cortisol. It has been shown that cortisol contributes to gaining excess weight.

The lack of self-esteem results in surrender at an early stage, or some may convince themselves that they have not succeeded, and in fact have been successful. Learn how to love the character you are, and to strengthen yourself.

26: Focus on your achievements

Focusing on achievements more than focusing on failure will keep your focus. It’s not easy to change your conviction, but it’s possible. This is part of the training that will turn you into a stronger person, mentally and physically.

Everyone has bad days that have passed, but as long as the beautiful days of life have overcome the bad days, it is possible to make improvements in them. Stay focused and keep up the hard work and be proud of yourself.


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