14 TIPS to Make Money Through Amazon

Make Money Through Amazon Are you a parent who stays at home or someone who wants to earn money at home?

Many of Amazon’s high-volume energy vendors and sellers never save the products they sell and never have to worry about shipping their products. Many of them never go away, they have to leave their office to earn a lot of money.

Make Money Through Amazon

How did you do that?
Drop shipping. For those who do not know, direct delivery (or direct delivery) is the delivery of goods that you sell directly to your customer, eliminating the need to keep expensive overhead and storage space to keep your products.

Tips to help you earn money on Amazon and eBay

I was worried that I knew very little about the types of books that are sold with profits on eBay and Amazon.

He was particularly worried about spending money on things he could not sell. Today I know that the best kind of books you can buy are usually niches of topics, maybe a bit obscure in content.

This is because in most cases this type of book will have low print runs and therefore become “rare”.

For many niche titles not only have lesser editions than mass books, they are likely to be retained by their previous readers as well, many of them are passionate about the problem, and that means fewer copies find their way into the secondary market. Incidentally, the secondary market is the elegant name of “second-hand”.

What I’m really looking for is contemporary books in good condition, usually with an ISBN number (10 or 13 digits on the barcode on the back of the book).

Fiction is always preferred, but I usually look for updated books in very good condition as these are my sales of bread and butter.

In most cases, you only get 1p more in p & p, but as I sell in volume (over 100 a week), I pay an average weight with Royal Mail shipping rates.

2. As a new seller on Amazon

I advise you not to buy books of fiction or popular fiction, as these tend to be sold for little value in the Amazon and profits tend to be rare or nonexistent.

When I started at Amazon, I did not buy “blind” books (buying blind means buying books without checking to see if they are valuable in the Amazon), unless it had less than 50 points and was not fictitious.

If I could not make a big profit on Amazon, I would sell it on eBay with great success. You’ll be surprised at how many books I’ve sold for big profits, such as 8 plus p & p, although the same books appear on Amazon for 1p plus 2.75 p & p.

In most cases, shoppers do not buy from one page to the next, they do not compare prices, there may be more competition for a book on Amazon than Amazon, and therefore more price high on the site.

the auction. I also find that author-signed books get much higher prices on eBay than Amazon, so there’s another way to buy cheap at Amazon while waiting for higher auction prices.

3. Do not put all your eggs in a basket

especially in this time of economic uncertainty. I keep my eBay account from one month to the next, mostly for the signed and rarer titles, which usually get more from eBay than from Amazon.

4. Although eBay and Amazon share a lot in common

there are significant differences in business practices that allow sellers to make more money with certain items in one location than the other.

There are things that you can easily do in one place that you can not make easy in another. For example, the eBay auction site is very different from the way the Amazon market works with established prices. Amazon has no registration fee, so you do not have to spend money on items that are not sold.

Amazon is paid only when a product is sold. This is great news for people who work on a tight budget, and I commend Amazon to anyone who gets fired or reduces their income from the recession.

5. Get your shares in charity stores.

In addition to selling books, most charities have a lot of unusual products that you can buy relatively cheaply for resale. In fact, many cheap products on the shelves of charity shops are of good quality and are perfect for sale on eBay.

6. Reference and learning books are very popular on both sides, but on Amazon, copies of previous issues may be quite difficult to sell because of the large number and the fact that they are editions, the latest ones have been released. replaced. On eBay, you really need to consider the cost of publishing before you download something that you’re not sure you’ll sell.

7. Study books can be quite expensive and increase shipping costs

reducing the benefits that can not be transferred to buyers. In fact, Amazon charges shoppers a fixed 2.75 port fee for books being mailed to UK addresses, so there is no flexibility in shipping costs. For a benefit of selling your 1p pound plus 2.75 p & p, their postage costs should be kept low, not something that can be done with a 1kg study book costs 4.20 for shipping.

8. Sell eBooks from previous editions on eBay that are not profitable on Amazon. I usually start with a price of 2.99 plus p & p relevant information (make sure to include the appropriate postage for heavier books).

9. Use eBay in other ways

such as for books that are not likely to be sold individually, that contained in an amount of 500. Auctioned on eBay with a starting price of 9.99 and I emphasize that they are only for the collection. Normally I get 30 to 50 per order. Okay, that’s not much, but I use profits to buy better stocks, and that’s better than throwing them in the bin.

10. Invent smaller works from books with similar genres.

For example, I often combine four Romany Mills and Boon paperbacks and I regularly get 5 or 6 accesses for them. They have a relatively low weight and occasionally I have sold three or four lots to a single buyer.

It also works to group the titles of the same author. Cookson Catharine authors like Danielle Steel and are often hard to win by selling, but they can sell well in many of two or three.

11. Sell books that have been removed from libraries on eBay.

When I publish books, every gram counts. So if I remove the dust covers, the books are cleared and the shipping costs recorded.

If I get much from the library, I’ll resize and put them in packs of 10. Buyers cut them at 10 5.98, which is pure profit because I made money from books.

12. Find items with a common theme that can achieve very good margins.

In car boots and charity shops, I am looking for items that I can assemble to increase their novelty value. Here’s another profitable tip, and it’s about grouping related items, not just books and videos. I’m also looking for jigsaws; Videos, links, CDs or DVDs and process them in batches.

For example, a Titanic video by itself will have a low sales value, but it can be combined with a puzzle and can attract a collector who buys this product because it is unusual or rare. I also suggested porcelain ornaments and pictures, paintings and photographs in the same subject.

13. The clothes donated to charity shops ranging from the general and cheap to the rare and valuable and many businesses do not distinguish between the two. And you will also find George Asda Range shirts with Charles Tyrwhitt brand shirts that cost 2 each.

I take off the brand shirts and sell them easily for three or four times higher prices, plus postage and packaging. The same is possible with links, mass-produced products can once again hide a jewel of design. You can do this on eBay and Amazon, but always check earlier sales for similar items before deciding where to sign up.

14. Try to identify the elements that look a little different

I often have a post on cheap items just to see. Once I kicked an old knit magazine that was worthless, but it contained a spare paper pattern for the socks. I was absolutely amazed to make 12.50 more p & p (in America) for the sock model! Three people urged him because it was a rare item and the price was raised.


– Use both sides to your strengths and you will surely have an extra income.

– Use the website that corresponds to the profile of your main business, but use the other one to generate additional revenue.

– Pay attention to the quality, the unusual products in the car boots and in your local charity shops, the items you should look for should not be expensive or “rare” products.

– Of course, place a small bet on cheap items; If you think, “I wonder,” dip your toe into the water, it is very valuable to build experience and self-confidence


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