11 Tips To Lose Weight Fast

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If you want to lose weight, simply burn more calories than you do daily, which is the weight loss formula in general. For example, to lose 1/2 kilos of weight a week, you must keep the calories you eat less than your body consumes 500 calories a day.

For anyone who wants to lose weight and get a slim body and weight Perfect Know the most important steps to help lose weight without excess.

11 steps to losing weight without diet

1. Set a time for the meal:

Select a specific timing you will eat for example 20 minutes, especially if you are slow to finish your food, this is one of the best habits to lose weight without a complicated diet plan. Setting a time to finish eating will make you eat in small amounts of most of the foods available on the table.

2 – Eat more vegetables:

Eating more fruits and vegetables every day than usual is a very good way to lose weight, as vegetables and fruits contain fibers that contain a large amount of water with lower calories and if cooked without fat.
3. Start with soup:

Starting a soup at any meal is very useful because it will help to spoil your appetite for the main meal that may be fat, soup with low-calorie broth or canned soup or use frozen vegetables and simmer on low heat and keep away from high fat and calorie soup.

4. Eat whole grains:

Whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, oatmeal, and whole wheat, all help, and work on weight loss. They contain fewer calories and when you eat pizza, choose the plant instead of the meat.

5 – Eating at home:

At least five days a week is much better than fast food because it contains large calories.

6 -Chewing gum:

Lose Weight Fast

7. Sleep more equal to less weight:

You can sleep well or increase an extra hour of sleep each day, according to researchers at the University of Michigan who were studying calorie intake numbers in 2500 days. There is a statistic to make sure that sleep helps in one way or another in the lack of calories taken by 6%, which works to reduce appetite.

8 – the use of short cups wide:

Studies have shown that a person’s visual signals are deceptive to consume less than any drink when using short, wide cups.

9. Cut down your dishes:

Choose the 10-inch dish instead of the 12-inch dish for automatic food. The amount will be less. Cornell doctor Brian Enck said that most people eat more food if the dish is bigger, so reduce your dish or bowl to lose 100-200 calories in a day.

10. Minimize food intake:

Eating vegetarian meals often is usually for slimming Vegetarians tend to eat legumes rich in fiber and a little price of calories such as broccoli beans and lentils soup.

11 – Burn more than 100

Without a diet, you can burn 100 extra calories every day and burn calories often vary depending on your weight. You can try one of these activities:

  • Walking 1 kilometer is about 20 minutes.
  • Clean the house for 30 minutes.
  • Mental effort is a major factor in weight loss, such as study or work that require high mental effort
  • and that for 30 minutes

Behavior and habits contribute to weight loss without dieting

– The first correct behaviors for weight loss without dieting in the development of a logical and realistic plan for the gradual changes in the way of life of human, and not to set difficult targets to avoid frustration when not accessible, Conversely, the work of one or two changes at one stage and commitment to success and contribute to Encourage the person to commit instead of feeling frustrated and frustrated.

– To write down your meals, times, places to eat and the motivation to eat them, including the feelings that may have led to eating, and you should record the activities in the hours of your day, so you can identify the weaknesses and problems in your lifestyle to change them, Your daily schedule consisted of 3 hours of watching television and 12 hours of sleep and did not contain any hours of exercise. You can identify the problem and start treatment.

– Adopting healthy habits and behaviors rather than focusing on weight.

– You should know that there is no diet or magic step or a particular type of food should be taken or avoided for weight loss as we see in the popular diets such as cabbage diet, pineapple diet, potato diet and other diets that underestimate the minds of people and take advantage of their urgent need for weight loss, He found a magical solution to obesity and weight gain for everyone to follow up and get rid of the problem of obesity forever.

Lose Weight Fast

– Make meals more numerous and smaller, where quotas have increased in recent years, both at home and abroad, and the person depends on these external measurements to determine the amount of food that saturation rather than relying on internal indicators of the body from hunger and satiety.

It is enough to eat a cup and a half of rice instead of three, one piece of chicken instead of two, and one piece of candy from time to time instead of many pieces. Touchingly Pass.

– To control the amount of fat consumed in the diet. In general, weight loss requires a diet high in dietary fiber and low in fat, and reduce fat reduces the density of calories in the meal, for example, eating a cup of milk skimmed fat instead of full fat gives you the same amount.

but fewer calories, And the high-fat meal does not satisfy the satiety and stop food quickly, so eating this meal increases the amount of food intake in addition to increasing calories.

Eat slowly and chew well, as the feeling of fullness reaches the brain 20 minutes late, so when a person eats slowly, he eats less before he feels full than he could if he was fast.

Another advantage of high-fiber diets is here, There are several strategies that can be followed to prolong the duration of the meal, such as learning to put spoons and spoons between the kernels, stop eating a little during the meal, and chew a certain number at a minimum, giving the person greater opportunity to respond For the internal body indicators that are performed It stops eating.

– Avoid empty calories, which come from eating foods high in calories (sugars and fats) and low in their content of nutrients, such as sweets and alcohol.

– Exercise regularly, even if the sport is as simple as walking for half an hour, for three or four times a week.


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