100 Life Goals How To Achieve Your Goals?

Sometimes we notice that we remain in our place and did not achieve anything, and the list of wishes goes on as the days pass and remains suspended in our hearts waiting for a magical wand or a miracle from heaven to turn it into reality

The first step you have to do to put your dream on the path of achievement is to turn it into a goal. The difference between dream and goal is great. The first is a broad, intangible, not specific desire (eg, my dream of being a businessman)

You did not specify how will be in any area), but the goal is a specific goal can be achieved in a certain period of time if the effort and the availability of appropriate possibilities.

There is a famous method used to set goals in a specific and clear way that contributes to it both at the personal level and at the corporate and team level. It was first introduced by George Duran in the November 1981 issue of Management Review,In order to prepare a list of ideal objectives in which you can guarantee the work and achieve them fully, the list must be in accordance with the SMART method, which symbolizes the following meanings:

Specific (Specific)

How do we use the SMART method?

1. Specified:
Your goal must be clear and specific so that you are able to focus your efforts and feel a real motivation to achieve what you want. When formulating your goal try to answer the following questions:

What do I want to achieve?
Why is this goal important to me?
Who will help me achieve the goal?
Where will I work towards this goal?
What are the possibilities or resources that can help me?
Example of the target: “My goal is to have a healthy diet and exercise program and I can lose 10 kg.”

2. Measurable:
It is important that your goal is measurable, so you can measure your progress, how much you have achieved, and how much you have left to achieve your goal.

Example of measurable goal: “My goal is to read 10 books, so when I read 9 books, it means that I have achieved 90% of my goal and 10% remaining.”

3. Achievable:
Your goal must be realistic and achievable to suit your abilities and abilities. To set an achievable goal try to answer the following questions:

4. Related:
In order to keep your effort and time and ensure that all your goals continue to progress towards one goal and goal, your goal must match your other relevant goals. To set a relevant goal you must answer the following questions.

Does the goal seem important to me? Is this the right time?
Does it match my other goals and aspirations?
Am I the right person to achieve this goal?
Are current conditions (economic, social, etc.) suitable for achieving this goal?

5. Time-limited:
You must set a time period for the goal (start and end date), the importance of having a time period that makes you feel responsible and is motivated to organize your time and arrange your schedule of tasks by priority.

the SMART method.

SMART is an effective and easy to use a tool by anyone, anywhere, without the need for specialized tools or training, and fits all financial, personal, managerial goals … etc.

When you set your goals to be realistic so as to save your time, effort and cohesion (setting inappropriate or unspecified goals that may cause us frustration if we do not achieve them) sometimes you have all the possibilities to achieve what you want but the simple reason is your position for an unspecified goal Time, always make sure that the problem is not in yourself but in the plan you set, so do not despair and modify your plan and see you in accordance with your potential to achieve what you want.

Place a daily routine.

If your lifestyle and goals allow, set up a daily routine. The routine may be boring and steady, but in fact, it helps you to do the necessary tasks, reducing your stress. In long-term goals, routines are an indispensable necessity to maintain the path you have set to achieve your goal. It will also help you to acquire good habits and build a plan.

You do not need specific tasks for each hour of your day, just set the goals of the day. For example, you can set 3 hours for work, an hour for exercise and two hours for normal routine or household tasks.

Finally, all ideas and tools will not add any benefit or change to you if you do not take the initiative and start. So start planning, start implementing, start now.

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Set long-range goals, goals that you can do and try your best. Write all you wish in life and in all aspects, this list will help you to start:

  • the health  
  • Employment
  • the money
  • Religious / spiritual
  • Travel
  • the society
  • Address
  • Fitness Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Knowledge / Writing Goals
  • Contribution / Spiritual Goals
  • Business / Career Goals
  • Social / Family Goals
  • Travel Goals
  • Adventure Goals
  • Creative Goals
  • Graduate from an international university
  • Speak conversational German
  • Create an online course
  • Help a family in need in a developing country
  • 50 days of helping others
  • World travel
  • Generate monthly recurring passive income online
  • Generate 150,000 In One Year

Under each item, identify five important objectives that will focus on achieving them over the next five years. Remember these are great goals, so make sure each goal is measurable and has an end date. If you are determined to lose weight, remember how many kilograms, and the exact time to achieve it, it is important not to make the goal open without an appointment or measurement. For example:

On 30/12/2018 I weighed 172 kg
I will walk 10 kilometres in October 2019
All debts were paid on 31 December 2019
I lived in my new home in June

Select clear steps

With the clarity of the current situation, we will take specific steps to reach the goals. Under each goal of each role in your life, write five steps you will take today to reach your goal. Health For example:

  • Walk half an hour a day
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables with meals
  • Drink water every hour
  • Sleep enough

Steps to help you achieve any goal

As we are on the eve of the beginning of a new year let’s leave what happened this year behind our backs, and we intend that this year we will change our lives for the better These six steps will help you achieve your goal no matter how big:

1 – Look at your goal as if you see in front of you everywhere chasing you, this method is much stronger than writing it on your list.

2 – Tell your friends and relatives about your goals and ask them to help you find in the summary of their experiences, which will guide you in the right way.

3 – Break the constraints that hinder you from achieving the goals Nothing likes you If your dreams are great, many gave up his dreams just because he saw that it is difficult to achieve, you must stop and start to change your plans.

4 – Set a date to achieve your goal of the best ways that will help you put things in the right track if imposed history on yourself I was more inclined to reach it.

5 – Be realistic Many of us have goals will not achieve to a miracle so be careful the simplicity of your goal, and do not over-develop dreams beyond your abilities and this does not mean not to see difficult goals just make sure you can achieve.

6 – Commitment with yourself: Last but not least remember your goals and commitment to yourself every time you fall in.

If you look back and do not change your plans, you will not find a change in your life; focus on your goals and try to achieve them so that you can feel different and satisfied with yourself if you look back.

Congratulations you’ve written a plan for your life.

But remember to plan your life, not something you do once, it’s a lifelong process. Review what you wrote regularly, and the review will help you stay on track.
You will achieve goals and will require you to set new goals instead. After each year sees your goals and corrected.

Give action now, share your goals, what do you want to do and how will you achieve it?


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